Sage Javelyn.


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By the light of the moon,


I will feel better.


When the clouds give way to it’s red, cresent shape,


I shall no longer feel alone.


My pain is not so foreign,


Instead, it has been replaced with something familiar.


Thousands litter my body,


Appearing with each new cycle of despair.


To be captured by a photographer,


Forever to scar my once perfect skin.


Now I can cry for something new.


These tears are a pain that makes sense.




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The man’s words were gruff, whispered in the ear of the girl. Making her lips purse, face remaining with an unwavering expression. Though, the glint of those faded eyes of jade held her distaste. The smell of booze upon his breath making her feel sick.


“You have to grow up, you can’t be a child anymore. It is time to become a woman.”


“I haven’t been a child for a long time.”




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Sage is reserved when she first is to meet someone. Taking slow measures of easing into friendship and warming up to whomever.


Despite this one trait, she isn’t exactly shy. Simply not the type to start a conversation. If you are to know her, she is sweet, teasing and compassionate. Though, Sage is a hard person to convince. Once she’s made up her mind, she’s made it. At least, in most scenarios.


She’s stubborn, feisty and rather lively. However, if her mask were to slip, there are cracks in the surface of a kind soul. Crevices she wishes to bury, and yet, they just run down too deep.




~Romantic: Sage currently has no romance in her life, yet there have been past men. Of whom were just an anchor. Something to keep her steady. To make her feel sane. A claim that she loved someone. But – those weren’t love.


~Friends: The few people Sage has spoken with here were either brief conversations, or them speaking the whole time. Here, Sage doesn’t have much of a social life.


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Who Am I...

Sage. {Ss-A-juh.} Javelyn. {Juh-av-uh-lin.}

Romantic Interests


My Secrets Are...

Such things are kept for such reasons. They are to be hidden, only given away from my lips.