About me as a typist:

I am an 18+ roleplayer, so I’d prefer to keep it that way when playing with others. This is for a lot of reasons. I don’t feel the need to explain any of them as this feels pretty self-explanatory.

I like para-rp the most. But I’m not married to 4+ paragraphs. I can keep it to one. I generally tend to try matching the length of whatever is written to me for fairness.

I’d really appreciate it if you don’t try to control my character. It’s not hard to write an open-ended post which allows me to choose what I want to interact with. If you can’t do this, I’ll likely just stop rping with you entirely without word. I don’t feel it necessary to explain myself when a boundary is crossed.

I’m not married to my characters being alive. But ask me first—I may be married to them on that day.

I’m also not married to the particular character listed in my profile here on this page. I’ve been doing RP for a while. I have an entire graveyard to pick from. They’re lonely and cold. I’m certain they’d like a break from the big dirt nap.

If something I wrote confuses you, ask me! I’ll do the same for you.

If something isn’t going in a direction that feels comfortable for you, say something if you feel comfortable.

If you’ve actually made it this far and still want to RP with me, shoot me a message telling me how much you like or dislike cake. I fucking hate cake. So I am creating a personal tally of cake lovers versus non-cake lovers.
I also have a discord, should you be so inclined to beep at me on there. Just ask for it!

My Appearance

Sex: Female

Age: 30. But she thinks she is 28.

Nature/personality: Precise and idealistic. She doesn’t like to bend to the will of others. A heavy believer in “say what you mean, and mean what you say.” She is easily put in a sour mood, and can usually find herself intertwined in impulsive decisions.

 Pale with cool undertones.

Build: Could eat a little more, but fairly healthy looking. Small frame, but strong legs. Not too muscular. Small chest. Wider hips.

Height: Taller than average, about 5ft 8in

Weight: Appears 127ish pounds (57 kg)

Hair: Double side-shave undercut. Medium long length. Often put up in a messy bun. Deep burgundy color.

Eyes: Grey-blue

Significant marks: One solid red ring tattoo–all the way around left wrist. Some light scars on knees and elbows. What appears to be initials tattooed behind ear (doesn’t appear to be done professionally or with any amount of care, could or could not be initials. Perhaps it is a brand?). Scar on the back of her head.

Impairments: None so far. (Willing to rp perma-injuries if fights occur. Just make sure to ask.)

Clothing: An oversize hooded top (flowy but with enough room to conceal objects if need be), capri style bottoms, striped socks poking out of some rather worn high-top style boots. All garments are black except for socks, which are grey and black striped.

Weapon: None currently.

Abilities: Can manipulate light and shadow. At present, she does not have knowledge of nor ability to control these powers. The only thing she has noticed lately is that when she gets very scared or upset, it also tends to get very dark. Sometimes whatever was causing her fear tends to just vanish. This is causing Ari to consider the fact that she might be going insane as the instances in which it occurs are not consistent.