Chloe Grace Harper


Born, Chloe Grace Harper. The third child of an Influential and Wealthy Family, that ran the Political Arena, including deep ties to Parliament, Scotland Yard, and the “Establishment”, In London and across the United Kingdom. The family’s power extends across the global community. Weapon(s) Makers, Military Expertise, and embedded in MI6. Chloe was raised in that enigmatic atmosphere. Yet outside of power and wealth through created means? She was a part of a secret sect or society known as ” The United”. A High Priestess in the “circle”, white witch…she had trained, learned, and was educated of a keen mind, powerful spells, potions, and clarity of mind, body, and soul. She had both telepathic and telekinetic abilities. The “light” within the darkness. She fought against evil, though at times? The darkness became her solace. she learned to control both aspects of a dual ability. Often serving the innocents, yet open to the detriment of wicked temptations. The woods, forests…were her enchantment. She mastered formal weaponry, as well as archery, the bow and arrow…knives, short swords. More often than not, these qualities were needed only when she traveled different dimensions, time periods, portals. Her magic? Great. Though many would know it not, for a delicate and petite young woman she was. A “beauty” amongst the roses, and every blossom had it’s thorns. Her smile, the gentle lush curves of her body, the “soul searching/knowing” of her docile gaze…gave her a quiet advantage over most. An empath. A seeker. Many facets were there, to this lovely creature. ” Come hither my friend, and dance with me…for tis the future I look, and thy soul shall I see, only I..can set such free.”

Who Am I...

The one you have dreamed about, the one that you fear, the one that brings paradise so close and near.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Single and unfettered.

My Story Is...

Like a Chameleon, Chloe changes her hair color and appearance, often. She chooses whom to interact with, and studies/gauges the reaction of others. Proficient with weapons, magic, and the on going fight between good and evil. She is hard to find, unless she wants you too. Beware! Like a Dynasty, she is the type of woman Men wage Wars for, and Hero’s are created. The ultimate weapon, as she blends in, anywhere.

Penteado 2


piedino aperto sexy boho beach dance festival zen lounge wrap casual pantaloni di yoga


1. Magic, Potions, Wards, Talents, Wands…

2. Throwing disks, knives/daggers

3. Two pearl handled sidearms ( many more weapons, concealed and thusly shown)

4. Misc. List Items  ( also protection by a guard detail )

List will further as character and SL grows….

My Secrets Are...

My secrets are my own. Trust me, you DON’T want them!

I Believe...

Magic, Rainbows, Laughter, Joy, and then there is the Abyss. Deep, dark, dangerous. Deadly.