Christian Graves

Who Am I...

Chris, Christian, or Graves. Your pick, dickhead.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born in Kissamee, Florida, Christian Graves did not have much expectations of a life to live up to. His mother, a whore, named him Christian in the hope that it would make him a good person, but boy was she wrong. This living and breathing Florida man has made his way across the swamp to the bayous to other planets to sell his weaponry and explosives. As to what led him to a life of weaponry? That’s his own fucking business.

My Appearance

Human, thick black hair (that he usually hides with a baseball cap) and crisp green eyes, tall and lankey, butt chin (with a slight scar on it). Usually he can be seen wearing combat boots with jeans, a wife beater, and an argyle shirt for his arms.