Professor Chronotis


Professor Urban Chronotis, the Regius Professor of Chronology, or “Reg” as he insisted on being called, had a memory that he himself had once compared to the Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly, in that it was colourful, flitted prettily hither and thither, and was now, alas, almost completely extinct.

Who Am I...

"Criminal" Time Lord

Romantic Interests

Women & Men

Relationship Status

Currently Single

My Story Is...

A long time ago in a place no one cares about anymore, there were a bunch of prissy, fancy-pants upstarts who decided that they should have the gall to designate themselves the sole nobility of a singular cosmic concept… Which, when you think about it, is just a silly thing.



The place was Gallifrey, and these people were Time Lords. I, Salyavin, for a time, was one of them. But, again, I must say that they were prissy… and more than a bit paranoid. Once in a while, we will produce a specimen who possesses somewhat more exceptional mental prowess than his typical. In MY case? Mental possession. SO concerned for their own safety, the High Council of Gallifrey decided that, rather than WAIT for me to actually do something criminally damning with this ability, they would preemptively get rid of me.



I was being sent by them to the prison-world of Shada, supposedly as an official meant to check on the security of the prison, but in actuality, I was meant to be trapped there myself. Rather than allow this to happen to someone as great as myself, I used my gift to escape back to Gallifrey. There, it was actually quite simple to recreate myself as “Chronotis”, erase most of my former self’s memory from the general population, and turn my former name into a ‘myth’, a story other Gallifreyans told each other in the dormitories to scare each other. I lived… I want to say maybe a period of twelve thousand years as a librarian, before, as a retirement present, I was permitted to live on a planet of my choice.


I salvaged a discarded TARDIS from a scrap heap, and then went to Earth, where one such as myself could live somewhat unnoticed for a lengthy amount of time and make the best use of my increased intellect, given the dominant species is a bunch of monkey-brained sweethearted little ones that are quick to not notice big, glaring scary concepts.



But, before I left, I took a very important book from the libraries, out of spite. The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey.



I decided to live through tens of thousands of years, observe the more important ancient events of their civilization, and then use that knowledge to become a professor of ‘Chronology’, which, for the uneducated, is the science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time. Naturally, living a long life and possessing a time machine gives me an unfair advantage… but it hardly matters. It earned me the position of Regius Professor at St. Cedd’s College in Cambridge, where I stayed for… quite some time. I was a bit senile for a while, but I want to say maybe from… about the 17th Century to… well, now.



I lived several full lives as Urban Chronotis, though I insisted my students and colleagues call me “Reg”, and all was well and good… But I was getting old, approaching my last regeneration, actually. I decided to send a message to this young Time Lord fellow, the Doctor, to come and take back the book I stole, as a way to make things right. But, some madman decided he wanted to… “steal” my natural born talent. There was a whole brouhaha over it, and I overextended my mental capabilities, killing myself. I don’t remember it at all, not really. But, unfortunately for me, as it was a mental injury, I couldn’t regenerate.



But thank goodness for temporal paradoxes, right? My TARDIS, a somewhat faulty thing, given how hold it is, bless, it malfunctioned and resurrected me! But it did cost me a regeneration. And I got to go back to my job! Which I held for quite a long, long time.



Until, for the silliest reason, they decided to remove me from my position. Something about ‘needing to teach more classes’ and ‘identity fraud’, on account of it being ‘impossible’ to have held a position for that long. I mean, really…


With not much else to do in life, I decided to just… end it all. There was no use in clinging to life. I decided to let it all go. I was on my last life, so… why not just do as noble animals do, and walk away from the herd, far far away, and die? I chose a nice place in the cosmos, the death of a massive star, and decided to just sit and read my favorite novels over and over and over again until the life left me and the explosion tore my rickety TARDIS apart and sucked the remains down into the oblivion of the black hole’s event horizon…



It consumes matter. Sucks it in and crushes it beyond existence. When I first heard that, I thought that was evil at it’s most pure; something that drags you in, crushes you, makes you… nothing.



Except if you… maybe… in your senility… forget to think that maybe, just maybe, having your time-line filled with irresponsibly by malfunctioning TARDIS might result in some… unfair regenerations being tacked on. And that, upon dying, you fall into the console, press the lever, explode a little, break a few controls, and then tumble into the black hole spewing unstable temporal particles fluctuating at dangerous frequencies that–


I made a wormhole, and ended up somewhere else, somewhere new, as a new person. Oops.


But look at me! I came out… pretty. I mean, I’ve always been pretty, but now I’m proper pretty. A pretty young woman, to be exact. NEVER done that before. Rather interesting. I’ll have to try a few things out, now, like make-up, and dresses, but I’ll be sure to do it RIGHT this time, unlike those other times when it was just for fun.



I considered getting a new name… or going back to my old one. But, having lived so many lives as Chronotis, I’m not tempted to change that. Or ‘Professor’, either. I EARNED that position, I tell you.


But enough about where I’ve been… Let me tell you a bit about ME.



As stated before, I am… Regius Professor Urban Chronotis, the Thirteenth. On account of this being my thirteenth regeneration. I am a Time Lord of Gallifrey, meaning to humans and other beings who come from worlds where there is one dominant sapient species who have an extensive history of being ignorant of life beyond their world, I am an ‘alien’. To other people, I’m just another person.



Time Lords specially study time travel, and lots of us do it habitually… if we’re cool. Otherwise, the uppity ones just tried to “rule” time. But, last I heard, they all either died or moved far, far away due to being incredibly unpopular, which is fine with me. We time travel using special ships, which are called TARDISes. My TARDIS is nothing special, a Type 12, Mark 1, a relic compared to the later models, but I’m a classics kind of person. She’s bigger on the inside, typically, but not to huge dimensions as later models, and can change size and appearance. Typically? I like just… a room. With bookshelves, and chairs, maybe a bed, a desk, some closets… Maybe a few hidden rooms and wings behind the shelves that you get to open fancifully by pulling special books off the shelves?



I lived most of my life as a librarian and chronologist, meaning I “scientifically” put historical events, usually based around Earth, in order… But not using archaeological records. I prefer to experience the events, log them in books, and then go from there. It is much easier that way, isn’t it?



As for me… Well… I’m still trying to figure myself out.


Never been a woman before! There’s… bits there, bits missing… So much HAIR! And the voice… The voice is much better. The eyebrows, too, less busy, more… dangerous. And these eyes! Ghostly, I think. An overall expressive face. I miss being taller, though. And apparently I need to watch my weight? I don’t know, I’ll figure it out with time.

the Professor

Feel free to call me ‘Professor’. Or ‘Reg’. Or ‘Reggie’. Or ‘Chronotis’. Or ‘Chrono’? Maybe even ‘Prof’. I dunno… What year is it? Is it cool to be ‘hip’ again? ‘Prof Reg’ sounds ‘hip’ I think.


I Believe...

There is never enough time for anything, but everything.