Felix The Pikachu

Intro Video

Who Am I...

A teenage Pikachu with three siblings.

Romantic Interests

Well if I'm being honest I'm gay and prefer guys.

My Story Is...

Name: Felix
Weight: chubby and pudgy
Fur color: yellow/ red/ black
Species: Pikachu
Alex ( male 17)
Ralph (male 16)
Pip ( male 13)
Gender: male
Personality: laid back and easy going and protective of his siblings.

His bio:

Felix is an Pikachu, born and raised in Australia. Growing up in the less populated parts of the country, he’s quite experienced in survival and other techniques. Most of his time is spent being a guide through less traveled lands throughout the world, making sure anyone who wishes to trek along the wilds makes it to their destination, a occupation that earns him quite the amount of money. When not earning some cash, he can be found in bars or other open places (though he prefers to avoid crowded spots when possible). Being a Pikachu, he has full control over his electrical and other powers, using them whenever the need arises. Felix is also well trained in hand-to-hand combat, being quite a threat with his knife. He’s easily approachable and friendly to those who treat him well, but may look like a ‘lone wolf’ when no one’s around.

My Appearance

What he looks like:
Light blue hoody
His siblings:

Pip *the pichu*
Hey You, Raichu! (RUdragon) 2-2
^Ralph        ^alex


Wallet with 7,367 $
45 caliber SMG
Different colored hoodies
Spare ammo and supplies.
Necklace made by his siblings as a birthday gift.

My Secrets Are...

-short temper
– easily flustered
– loves to snuggle with people
– junk food water
– can’t swim