“I just wish you would understand…”

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“I just wish you would understand, – I can’t help you like you have asked if you don’t want to..”


Be helped, were supposed to be her next words.. But she trailed off. As soon as the words left her lips, she regrets even thinking them in the first place. She knew how sensitive he was, why would she say that? She really did wish to help him.


“Then don’t help, Avery.”


She flinched. He never called her Avery. She wanted to aid him, help him get past the addiction. But she was a healer to injury. You can’t heal the scars that lay inside. Only they can themselves. But maybe, maybe she could try and help in the process… He had already turned and left. But she couldn’t chase after him, not like that. He seemed like he needed to be alone. She’d speak to him tomorrow.





Who Am I...

A young, yet experienced, healer who blames herself for the death of her friend, who now tries to save everyone she can. And if she fails – it only makes her push herself harder.

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Velvet Cloak- a gift from a witch she befriended. 

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