Who Am I...

I am just a blind woman

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

I love a man very much so

My Story Is...

I was born to a sweet family. But my family had a a secret. They ran a cult. I was raised to believe in a fake god and was told what to do. I was never able to age, staying with the looks of a 25 year old while being around seventy. This made a great way to get members. My parents ended up passing from a double suicide. This left my twin brother Rocky to become leader. I was done with the cult and left. This caused me my site. I now own a small park thanks to my parents and live in a nice house next to it with a butler and a maid.


Flowers and a switch blade. Just in case. I may be blind but I am also very safe.

My Secrets Are...

I trust anyone and everyone

I Believe...

There is no god that lies with my brother