Clarissa Lane

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Who Am I...

Rescued the sleeping beauty awoke to find eons had passed. All she had known now dust in the winds of time.

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My Story Is...

Born to parents who were environmentalists she and her younger brother Bobby were raised to take care of the planet. They learned how to live off the land and appreciate what it gave them. Yet all the speeches and protests, and congressional meetings were not enough. Their planet was dying, when the end days came, her Mother and Father called on an old college friend, getting them seats on one of the evacuation ships. Such so hard to come by she and Bobby were placed in one ship, her parents in another.  In a small armada they entered space seeking one of the outlying planets where they would settle. But trouble was waiting for them, space pirates. The small group of ships were soon attacked and lacking any true battle equipment they were quickly laid siege upon. In horror they saw the ship their parents were on blown to bits. While the Captain stalled they were hustled with others to escape pods. Separated from her brother she was soon shot out into space, alone and terrified.

Her story begins…

” If anyone finds me. My name is Clarissa Lane. My ship is running out of fuel and the computer is saying I need to get into the sleep pod. My brother was on a ship just like this one, his name is Bobby and he’s only 15 years old. Please find him, and if you do, tell him his sister loves him.”


Rescued she was brought onboard a ship piloted by Kurai Yuki Kishimoto, and Gwen Poole. Saved from certain death, it was they who broke the news of the time that had passed. Awareness settling in that she was far more alone than anyone could understand.

All that was left of her world were photographs and memories..

My Appearance

My Secrets Are...

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I Believe...

In nothing anymore..