Alex Victor


Rip and tear..till it is done

Who Am I...

A large black furred male bear

Romantic Interests

Anyone who loves me dearly..I don't care about the gender..

Relationship Status

I was in a relationship..but I lost my boyfriend..

My Story Is...

I was born in a wasteland filled with bandits and deadly creatures.. from age 3 I tore a Super mutant age 9. I tore a camp of bandits apart with my claws

My Appearance

A large blue eyed black furred male bear with a old armored deep sea diving suit with the gloves and helmet and boots torn off my paws are large like any bear’s though I’m much more bigger so my claws are sharper than regular ones..they have white wrappings on them..


Claws.. armored deep sea diving suit.. various melee weapons and guns I scavenged though I prefer my claws and melee weapons.. and food and supplies for survival..

My Secrets Are...

I just want to be loved..

I Believe...

Surviving in the wasteland