Cloud Lucis Bloodmoon ( + Cloud Strife)

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Who Am I...

Harbinger of the Astral Ifrit soul / Former soldier first class of Shinra.

Romantic Interests

Straight ( Tifa/Aerith)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

You may not kill my character off.

Joined Soldier when he was 13 or 14 years of age to impress a girl named Tifa and to become like his hero the first-class soldier Sephiroth, but failed and became recruited into the regular army. During his time in the army he became best friends with the first-class soldier Zack Fair. During his last mission with the army he was teamed up with his childhood hero first-class soldier Sephiroth along with Zack to investigate a mako reactor problem in his home town of Nibelheim. He was ashamed that he didn’t return a hero or even a class soldier that he hid his identity under his helmet. His childhood friend Tifa was the town’s guide that day. The group traveled to the reactor and Cloud stayed outside with Tifa but she didn’t know it was him. A few days later Sephiroth set the town on fire killing Cloud’s mother and most of the townspeople. Cloud followed Zack and Tifa to the reactor after regaining continence. He arrived to see Tifa wounded and Zack being flung out of a room at the top of the stairs. After getting Tifa to a safer location Cloud ran up the stairs and grabbed Zack’s sword the Buster Sword. He ran up a pipe behind Sephiroth and impaled him from behind to the container holding Jenova. He then returned to Zack and Tifa to see how badly wounded they were Sephiroth survived Cloud’s attack and was now holding Jenova’s head as he went to leave the reactor, Zack urged Cloud to finish Sephiroth off. Cloud went after Sephiroth only to be impaled by Sephiroth’s Masamune katana sword and lifted off his feet. But a strength surged through Cloud and he was able to pull himself down the blade to get his feet on the floor and lift Sephiroth off his feet and fling him and pulling out the Masamune sword at the same time, to the point of sending Sephiroth to the reactor wall, which then sent him down into the reactor mako below. A scientist named Hojo then used Cloud in an experiment to try and clone Sephiroth but deemed Cloud and Zack as failures and abandoned them in the Shinra Manor in Nibelheim till they broke out 5 years later, and Cloud suffering from Mako sickness and was in a zombie-like state to the point Zack had to help him to walk. Zack decided to make their way to the city of Midgar, where just outside the city limits, the Shinra army caught up with them and killed Zack for resisting capture. They left Cloud alone seeing that he had Mako sickness and didn’t deem him a danger. But seeing Zack die partly brought Cloud out of the zombie-like state, Zack past his legacy to Cloud and gave him the Buster Sword. Cloud made his way to Midgar where he met up with Tifa and the group of resistance people that fight against Shinra to protect the planet called Avalanche. Cloud had dealt with the band of the same name before but not this group. So Cloud agreed to work with the group to fight Shinra and did a bombing mission with them but didn’t want to get close to the cause of what happened to Zack. Cloud had become hardened and cold not caring about anything but getting to where he needs to be. During the first mission he met a girl named Aerith, she was the last ancient race called Cetra. He did a couple of bombing missions then worked up to be chosen to become the new leader of Avalanche, a male named Barrett wasn’t happy but sucked it up and followed. They traveled across the world chasing the rumors of the sightings of Sephiroth cause they knew that he was up to no good. Several times Sephiroth took control of Cloud using the Jenova cells that resided within Cloud from the experiment that Hojo did on him five years ago. Even tried to make him kill Aerith but was stopped by his friends to gain back his will, but Aerith was killed by Sephiroth anyways as she was in his way from summoning Meteor to destroy the planet. Cloud handed the black materia to a clone Sephiroth and fell into asleep. He woke a few days later not wanting to continue the mission cause he saw himself as a pawn to Sephiroth’s will. But his friends gave him the strength to continue on. They were able to retrieve the black materia back from the clone only to be fooled by another clone in which Sephiroth in a Mako crystal was given the black materia by Cloud. The group escaped without Cloud but was also captured by Rufus the new Shinra president. Cloud was traveling in the lifestream and contracted the mako sickness again but was found after the group escaped from Shinra. Then Weapon attacked and sent Cloud and Tifa into the lifestream, where Tifa was able to help Cloud find his true self as his memories mingled together with Zack’s memories. Cloud had a new lease on life and determined to take down Sephiroth which they were able to do, Cloud even took him down in the lifestream so Aerith’s prayer to Holy could be released. This is where Cloud was infected with Geo stigma or Star scourge. And the rest of the world was infected when the lifestream burst out of the planet to help holy repeal Meteor.
A few years after the meteor crisis three males made of Sephiroth’s qualities began to look for Jenova to complete where Sephiroth left off. They relentlessly attacked Cloud but Cloud wasn’t as strong as he once was the cause of the geostigma wreaking hell on his body, slowly killing him. But with Kadaj the leader of the three used magic at Cloud and hitting the mako eyes in the church of the slums in Midgar, it released a healing rain curing Cloud of the Geostigma. Where he was able to defeat Kadaj then Kadaj became Sephiroth with absorbing the Jenova head that he got from Rufus. Cloud was almost defeated by Sephiroth but Zack appeared to him to give him strength and he was able to defeat Sephiroth once more with Omnislash.
Cloud continues to offer his services to those in need as he has a delivery service with his bike Fenrir and is now under the service of Sassy Firemist to help her with Trades or to be a soldier when need be.

He delivers goods to the Tavern and the Inn to keep up on the stocks while Sassy is away. Trying to keep himself busy.


Name: Cloud Lucis Bloodmoon

Nicknames: Spiky Merc

Age: 3048 Looks: 24

Sex: Male

Martial Status: Single

Preference: Females

Height: 7’4”

Build: Athletic

Hair color: Golden Blonde

Hair style: Spiky with a ponytail at the back that goes down to the middle of his back

Eye color:  Blue with red specks and red Mako glow

Race: Demonic Vampyre

Occupation: Soldier/Mercenary/Tracker



Favorite food:

Dislikes Food:

Weapons/Items: Mastered magic materia, mastered summon materia, Knights of the round materia set in a platinum bangle. The Fusion Sword( consists of 6 blades to make one sword. Switch Blade x2 Omniblade (Base has 2 forms), Hollow Blade and Razoredge.), Buster Sword, Organics, Ragnarok, Mythril Saber, Force Stealer, Hardedge, Nail Bat, Butterfly Edge, Enhanced Sword, Rune Blade, Ultima Sword, Masamune, Crystal Sword.

Abilities: Armiger much like Noctis. Skilled in wielding large swords, limit breaks( Braver, Ascension, Cross Slash, Blade beam, Climhazzard, Meteorain, Finishing Touch, Omnislash).



Brother:Noctis Lucis Bloodmoon

Sister in law:    (Dead)



Sister in law: Lunafreya Nox Bloodmoon (Dead)

Luna’s Brother: Cor Nox

Luna’s brother: Ravus Nox

Nephew: Venatus Yazora Nox-Bloodmoon

Nephew: Thexan Sora Nox-Bloodmoon

Brother: Sephiroth Lucis Bloodmoon

Brother: Vincent Bloodmoon

Sister: Tifa Bloodmoon

Brother: Gladius Bloodmoon

Brother: Ignis Bloodmoon

Sister: Iris Bloodmoon

Twin Brother: Prompto Bloodmoon

Mother: Aulea Bloodmoon

Father: Regis Bloodmoon

Companion animal:  Nanaki 





Extended Family

Azrael Lunarcrisis Blackwolf


Gilver Lunarhope Darklight

Balian Bahamut Darklight

Claire Darklight

Caius Ballad

Yuffie Ballad

The rest of the Shadowglaives



The youngest boy of the Bloodmoons and twin to Prompto.


My Appearance

High collar woolen vest Navy blue, harness for sword made of brown leather straps, black leather shoulder protector with a silver wolf holding ring in mouth emblem on front, black pants with a side leg cape covering left leg, black boots

Ifrit form

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See the source image


Equipment: Mastered magic materia, mastered summon materia, Knights of the round materia set in a platinum bangle. The Fusion  Sword( consists of 6 blades to make one sword. Switch Blade x2   Omniblade (Base has 2 forms), Holow Blade and Razoredge.), Buster Sword, Organics, Ragnarok, Mythril Saber, Force Stealer, Hardedge, Nail Bat, Butterfly Edge, Enhanced Sword, Rune Blade, Ultima Sword, Masamune, Crystal Sword.

Skilled in wielding large swords, limit breaks( Braver, Cross Slash, Blade beam, Climhazzard, Meteorain, Finishing Touch, Omnislash, Ver. 1-6).

I Believe...

in dreams and honor