His past is like an encyclopedia. Much of history has been lived through his eyes, through his actions. Born in the midst of a Romanian country nearly 3000 years ago, this immortal knew the bite of betrayal and the bitter taste of blood before he’d even reached his teenage years.

A mother shamed, bludgeoned and left for dead due to her adultery, a father who did not trust that his parentage was legitimate. A story filled with love for a nursemaid who could not age, an adoptive, but very real, father who had friends give the first three bites.

Bites that turned him from but a simple man into a feral, predatory beast that sought the comfort of others through blood, interaction and fierce intelligence borne unto him by something that should have been impossible. Strength, powers beyond his wildest dreams.

Several years later, a dead nurse maid and wife, a childless marriage and an unhappy reality. A tavern comes into view, nothing to do but drink nasty wine, to celebrate his loneliness before she came into his life, a figure of yellow, golden hair, stifled with innocence that leaked from every persona of her being. She had secrets, dirty little secrets, not the kind one would guess at a single look at her.

Within her soul was darkness, a heart filled with the unnatural underworld, a pact made by the devil himself, not of her own choosing. Several months above ground, several beneath in the pits of Tartarus. Persephone was her name.

Two children, one borne from new found blood running and flowing through his veins, through a pomegranate on his head, another through childbirth from Persephone. A sea god and a harvest goddess like her ma.

Happiness. Moments of sadness. Happiness again.

Then it happened…

He messed up in the way most men do when faced with adversity. He caved under his own desires, no fault of the woman at hand. A few days later, less than a week, the goddess knew and was not, at all, amused.

Several years passed, years of servitude within Tartarus and away from their children. Time was slow, daunting. He earned her trust back but tragedy struck. Two children dead, no reason to stay. He left the goddess to try and move on with his life, not a god anymore but as a vampire once again.

“The world does not spend round and round for just us, you know. It spends for the lives of many who do not wish to be found. Blood offers us peace, tranquility and in return, we offer vampirism, cold and benevolent.”

Cassalanthius Anka
Age – Appearance: 24-26
Chronologically: (Unknown)
Birthday: August 3
Species: Vampire
Sex: Male
Eye color: A very soft blue, almost sapphire
Hair color: Dark black, almost brownish colored.
Height: 6’4” | Weight: 185
Skin tone: Pale yet sunkissed
Weaknesses: Many. Women. Bitten lips. Blushing. Dehydration and desiccation.

Television Tropes:
Conveniently An Orphan | Aloof Big Brother | Sensor Character Heroic Neutral | Empowered Badass Normal | Beneath the Mask | Good is not Soft | Cool Loser | Dark is not Evil

Super Strength
Super Speed
Wall Climbing
Blood Absorption

Increased Intelligence
Increased Apathy
Increased Empathy
Heightened Senses
Electro-magnetic distortion – Fly, hover, explode

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Secrets Are...

Cass’ brand of vampire is not really what you would call a typical vampire. They are living, breathing creatures who just have inherited abilities through a virus they are given after being bitten three times by other vampires. The change itself is fast but lasts several days, sometimes weeks if the bites are spaced. They still have a heart beat but the body itself changes. Skin does not change all that much but does grow paler in comparison to whatever skin tone they had before, just stays the same if there’s no realistic way of growing pale without looking sickly.


The vampire gene changes them from within and organs and other important body parts scream out for blood which they have to be given on occasion. They can eat regular food, drink regular drinks, and can survive off tomato juice products if blood is not around. Their body basically becomes the best version of itself. Hair appears more healthy, their skin flawless. Old scars vanish as if they were never their and breast size or other appendages are routed to fit the body’s height and scale proportion wise.


They do still have fangs, though fangs are retractable and only ever used in the event of hunting down humans or turning them into vampires.