Cnerru, the All Loving


Name: Cnerru

Titles: The All Loving, She of Endless Form, The Starwife

Age: Incalculable


Throughout the vastness of the multiverse, throughout space and time, there are countless beings of near omnipotent power.  Beings who feed on the chaos and hatred, the rage and death and pain of the infinite forms of lower life to sustain themselves.  These beings reach out through their powers, causing these emotions and deaths and pain to fuel their cruel lives and derive some form of entertainment out of the eons.


And then there are other beings, not too dissimilar if not for one simple difference.  Their diet.  Some of these incomparable beings feed not on the negative but the positive.  And in so doing, they reach out with their vast powers to influence the lower life forms they encounter toward these more positive emotions and feelings, even feeling a bit of that positivity for themselves beyond a simple food source.


Such is the case with the being known as Cnerru the All Loving, She of Endless Form, The Starwife.

Cnerru exists outside of space and time, within the endless nothingness between universes.  A constantly shifting and roiling mass of tendrils made of semisolid and unidentifiable matter, she has existed for untold eons as a being some might call a goddess.  In all of that time, Cnerru has never harmed a single being capable of thought and emotion on a sapient level.  Unlike her brethren who feed on negative emotions, the All Loving feeds on love, lust, happiness, and affection of all kinds.  Though ‘feed’ is not quite the appropriate word for it, as she does not take these emotions away from others.  The mere act of feeling these emotions directed toward her sustains the Starwife.


Cnerru is too massive and too mindbogglingly aversive to conventional physics to emerge within any one universe, though she is capable of opening small portals through which she might extend her tendrils to other worlds and universes.  It is through this ability, and the way She of Endless Form utilizes it to feed, that grants her the title of All Loving.  Shapeshifting what mass she is made of on the material side of the open portals, Cnerru can form small avatars of herself that take on similar forms to the local population.


With that, she seeks to grow closer to them, forming close relationships and offering affection to provoke the tender emotions that she desires more than any other.  Uncountable such avatars are seeded throughout the multiverse, feeding her endlessly.


Romantic Interests

Prefers women (such strong emotions)

Relationship Status

Infinitely married, and yet still single


Shapeshifting – Cnerru is a gifted shapeshifter, even among her own eldritch kind.  Capable of generating more of her semi-solid mass at any moment, the All Loving can form anything she wishes from her tendrils as they are needed.  Such an ability, though potentially powerful in combat, is instead used to provide whatever is needed for those close to her avatars, and also to inflame their lusts.


Multiversal Portal Generation – Cnerru is capable of creating portals that can lead to anywhere in the multiverse, even connecting from multiple points.  While this ability is most used by her avatars to manifest themselves in any particular universe, she can also use them to intercept attacks made against those close to her avatar.


Eldritch Physiology – She of Endless Form grows stronger and larger the more emotion she feeds off of.  With the power of a near infinite number of beings throughout the multiverse feeding her, she knows no true limit to her mass and powers.  Any mass that is destroyed, as difficult as it is to affect such a non-Newtonian physics affected mass, will simply be replaced or regrown faster than most mortal minds can comprehend.  This gives her avatars the illusion of invincibility, though it is just an illusion.