Jack of al trades

Who Am I...

A bard in search of adventure, wherever it may lie.

Romantic Interests

Prefers women.

Relationship Status

It's complicated..

My Story Is...

“Come around, come around, this is a story I tell few. So, how did a human bard like myself manage to find a place like this? Well, my friend brought me here. Came to my homeworld one day and I decided to tag along. Wait. You’re saying you wanted it from the beginning? Ah, well that I can offer as well. You see, I come from a long line of skalds and bards, and I wanted to simply take up that mantle! What? You were something more depressing? No, I don’t have anything as interesting as that, though it’s sad to those who have that type of story to tell.. Anyways, I’m glad to make your acquaintance, and I hope we get to converse more! Well. Likely not. Not like you’re someone I’d likely interacting with anyways, isn’t that right reader?”

My Appearance

A taller male human, wearing a leather vest and simple white t-shirt and a thin layer of mythril chainmail sandwiched in between. He also wears a green beret and a pair of new jeans, padded at the knees with strips of leather. Just simple boots however.


Outside of appearance.
A rapier that is constantly on his side.
An ocirana he keeps in his pocket.
Assorted gold, copper, and silver pieces. There’s an extra pocket that seems designed for electrum, but he’s confident no one knows what that is, or even uses it.

Can use bardic magic that requires performance to work.
Also cant seem to be caught flat footed…

My Secrets Are...

Nothing massive really.

I Believe...

Heat metal is a perfectly valid spell.