Who Am I...

A mage aiming to discover secrets of the arcane, all in the intent of research more than anything.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Very much taken.

My Story Is...

Archen is a mage, interested in the arcane workings of multiple worlds. The weave, Magicka, mana, wether it be produced by the world around or within those gifted, he aims to find out the workings of it.

His past is unknown, potentially out of this world. He rarely talks about his past, only his exploits.

His life goal accomplished, he now continues to use his magic for the best he can achieve.

My Appearance

A silver haired adult male, dressed in a blue sweatshirt and black cargo pants. He constantly wears a silver necklace from someone he loves.


Attire stated above. Including:
A collapsable staff
Multiple odd arcane materials in his pockets
A cellphone that oddly never has the proper time
and a few odd grains of odd elements.

My Secrets Are...

Blood tied to a magical being, only people he consider’s close friends he willingly tells.

People who actively try to sense it without his explicit permission tend to get headaches..

I Believe...

All magic is meant to be learnt. It just takes knowledge, will, and a bit of dedication