Cordelia Jael Emet


Who Am I...

Reincarnation of Jaelle Emet, Kyrrah Marcus, insert a couple more here, and Admeta Marianus (Leila Carter).

Romantic Interests

This really, really old guy and his brother; I can't help it.

Relationship Status

Tied up by my love for work, money, and partying.

My Story Is...

I was born September 28, 2000, to Marina and Christopher Emet in Rome, Italy.


My father’s family has old roots from the ancient Etruscan city of Veii, now present-day Isola Farnese; where they still reside.


However, my mother’s side has roots in the city of Rome, where I stay in with my grandmother while I am not traveling for work.


Both of my parents are incarcerated as of recently for money laundering.


I have four siblings… An older sister named Jossiline, 21. I am a twin and my brother James is younger by two minutes. Then we have our two younger brothers;  Rossiel, 15, and Tristan, 6. Our father’s family has custody of our little brothers while our parents are in prison. My sister lives in Paris but works between there and New York, sometimes Los Angeles; she travels as much as I do, maybe a little more. I was emancipated by default of my personal income and stable work. Both my sister and I are involved in the fashion industry… She is a designer and brand collaborator while I model for various European brands. My twin… He was emancipated as I was, benefiting from my small wealth; he comes and goes, says very little—we haven’t been close in a of couple years; he has legal trouble himself and we try our best to distance ourselves while keeping him barely afloat.


Lastly, while we are less nomadic than our ancestors, both parts of my family have gypsy roots.

My Appearance

I’m 5 feet and 5 inches tall, olive skin, with dark chocolate locks, and cerulean eyes.

My Secrets Are...

that I’m an actual reincarnation of long ago reincarnations. Did I say that right?

I Believe...

fate only controls those who allow themselves to be strung along.