Natik Health


Being alive alone is hard. Surviving as a human in a place full of immortals and demons and such, is much harder. Natik went through childhood living in the countryside, really, really far, into the countryside. Everything growing up was simply about survival, so when he joined the military as a combat medic, he fit right in. Natik enlisted at 19 with the ironic last name of “Health” which often amused his patients when comments like “How’s your health?” were made. Natik moved from place to place until stumbling upon the Red Sun inn on Hellifyno, which was later flooded. Natik escaped the disaster of the entire planet being put under water with a friend, and a spell was cast upon him to make him immortal, in the sense that he’s atleast stop aging, being stopped at the young age of 21. Did it work? Only time will tell.

Who Am I...

Natik Health

Romantic Interests

Interested in females but often afraid of inadvertently hurting them on an emotional level

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Natik served in the United States military as a navy corpsman, possessing a seemingly unnatural skill in the field of medicine, being the absolute most efficient medic there is as well as being extremely skilled with a rifle. Natik was later accepted into the fold of special forces where his other combat skills were refined as well as his ability to use almost any vehicle. Natik is always looking out for others and quite often puts himself in between others and harm, being a human shield.

My Appearance

Natik is usually dressed in camouflage, a load bearing vest lined with military grade bags and pouches full of ammunition and medical supplies. His customized M16A1 rifle is usually slung over his shoulder across his back with a custom sling designed to tighten when the rifle is let loose and loosen when shouldered. No matter what Natik always has a backpack of some kind on, even in the civilian world. He usually has a five o’clock shadow, his eyes are brown and he has a serious attitude he keeps about him. His hair is usually cut in the fashion of a government issue haircut, as he finds this best to also be able to use any headgear he may need and still look amazing.


weapons: M16A1 rifle, 9mm , 8 inch survival knife,
Aid items: a LOT of medical supplies and a LOT of ammo
Misc: A picture of dead best friend, A journal containing graphic descriptions of past, map, compass, binoculars, wire cutters, flare gun, pens, advanced climbing equipment.

My Secrets Are...

I’ve killed around half the number of people I’ve saved, I have vivid flashbacks of previous battles, I have a slight want to die, I wear a bullet proof vest even when appearing as a civilian.

I Believe...

I'm being overlooked by guardian angels because a higher being gave me the mission to save lives.