Mara Linne

Romantic Interests

I-I guess?

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Journal No.3 Date: 6/6/06

There once was an old legend, a legend of a cult. The cult would sacrafice children on the night of the blood moon, or atleast that was what seemed to happen. Mara likes to walk in the forest, she isn’t scared of the cult. Pity. The Cult steals her away, teaching her in the ways of so on and so forth. But Mara dosen’t like The Cult, so she runs away, now Mara is at Hellifyno. Maybe she’s safe?

My Appearance

A walking rabbit wearing a loose red jumper and denim shorts. Thigh high black socks, black boots with red laces. She wears a small black ring on the left hand pinky, and is pretty protective of it.


A dagger of sacrafice (Because knives are too cliche), a miniature bible, raspberry gum and one special black ring

My Secrets Are...

Mara is still in The Cult. She’s signed her soul to The Cult, but doesn’t remember doing it beacause she was so young. The ring is a sign of The Cult

I Believe...

Stupidly, I believe in happy endings