Who Am I...

Tuxter! The brown cotton-fluff!

Romantic Interests

Er.. Maybe someday. I'm just getting my life together.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I come from a foregin place, full of sewers and cloth workers. I’m actually a frankenstien-esk wolf, made of little wolf pieces, dog pieces and stuffed animal. I’m stuffed with cotton, so… healing is unaffective for me.

My Appearance

A large wolf with excessive fur and bead like eyes. A couple sowing needles stuck in his muzzle, just like whiskers! I now have a bullet hole in my ear from a… fight. Awfully traumatic.


Thread, sowing needles and scrap cloth.

My Secrets Are...

Oh.. I’m not very happy with being alive, I’ld really rather just be a stuffed animal or just be a toy for someone else.

I Believe...

That the gears in the world will one day stop, leaving me stranded.