Countess Manon Deslys

Who Am I...

Noblewoman. Conqueror. Countess.

Romantic Interests

Count Adolphe Deslys

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The first born daughter (and only born for that matter) of the late count Fulchard-de-nireape, lord of Nireape (Nih-ree-app-eh), and Imania-de-nireape, Manon was the only heir of her father. His brother had died in war, his sons wilted with the plague, and his third-cousin¬† bewed to a pagan, or some such rabble. As such: Manon was the only legitimate¬†inheritor to the county. Upon her father’s death, some 17 years later, she was appointed countess of Nireape, though kept the name of her husband- Deslys. With said husband, she has had 2 children as of now.

My Appearance

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