Terant~Male~Assassin For Hire~Hooded

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

None Yet

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

At a young age his mother was murdered by rebels during a war he still does not understand, he knows his father was never confirmed dead. He was later used by Military Militia as a ‘Super Soldier’ Assassin. Up until the age of 25 where he murdered his squad and escaped the Militia’s camp. He know travels around looking for good kills, good pays and good partners.

My Appearance

He wears a ghoul hood and cloak over a zipper uniform, and carries around his old Militia Armband .


Two Swords. Double Edged blades . Guns of many kinds. Carries his old Militia Armband

My Secrets Are...

Hides His burn scars under the mask. Has murdered anyone , children , elderly and more