Tenkei Kishimoto

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Who Am I...

Retired Captain of the Japanese Special Forces. A memory brought back.

Romantic Interests

Women. Though there's a certain redhead that holds a special place in my heart

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My Story Is...

Tenkei Kishimoto was born during a time of war for the island of Japan. His father, Geno, was a high ranking officer in the Japanese Special Forces; so a lot of decisions important to the effort was left up to him. During his infantcy, there were numerous assassination attempts on his life from enemies of the state, attemping to strike the great officer at home. Because of that, as soon as he could walk, Tenkei was taught in the ways of stealth, agility, ninjustu, and to withstand pain. 
At the age of 8, Tenkei defended himself so well that he killed an assassin who failed his target. This was the day that his father, proud, handed him his inhertiance; the Kishimoto demon slaying sword CenterStrike. During the war, Ten had become such an asset that Geno had run most of his decisions through his younger son to proof before moving forward.

At the age of 15th, Tenkei was already a Captain Rank in the Japanse Defense Group; commander of his own sect of Special Forces commandos. As part of a program created by a secret network of high ranking Soliders from several armies around the world; the Captain was part of a program that he was taught all sorts of hand to hand and weapon based combat and tatics. From the American SEAL Team 6, to the British S.A.S, all the way to the Russian Spetsnaz.

At the age of 16th, enemies of the State murdered Tenkei’s mother and Geno’s wife; had set the Captain up with the fall. Stricken by grieve, Geno had tried to kill Tenkei in return; but he was too well trained, The Captain had disappeared into the woodline of the island. After a year of touch and go, him going home every once in a while to steal supplies.
The history of how Tenkei got to Hellifyno is shrouded in secrecy,  fueled by misdirection

My Appearance

The man stands at 5’9 with bright red eyes and jet black hair. His skin is pale, but is normally covered with his attire. Normally Tenkei could be seen wearing a black suede jacket, white button up shirt, matching black pants and black combat boots. Holsters on his left and right legs normally contain his .357, .22, and Kunai’s. Over his shoulders the hilt to his Zanpakuto and/or M4 Carbine are visible.

I Believe...

Si vis pacem, para bellum