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About the Species:  The Narasimha
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The Narasimha (or the slang: Nars) are a Species more than they are a race due too within the Narasimha there are many different Subspecies, or Races.  Each different Race within the Nars varies just as much as Humans do on Earth, from more Modernized to Tribalistic, it all just depends on the location of the Homebase or Den or their Pride.  With these different Races comes multitudes of heights, body types, fur types, colors and even abilities.  The Narasimha have spread far over the world but due too strict customs and lengthy gestation periods, they do not mate freely and therefore are much less abundant than other Species.

Romantic Interests

"My Melisse"

Relationship Status

Heart is Taken

My Appearance

Species:  Khajiit     -just using a ‘popular familiar term’ to describe the species appearance easiest, just more of a ‘generalized’ anthromorphic feline species-


Voice Comparison:  Jada Facer – “Be Alright”


Height: 5′ 2″ to the top of her head, 5’7″ to the tip of her ears


Build:  Lithe. A bit ‘delicate’ appearing compared to most of her Species, built more for speed and agility than strength and stamina.  Her species can run on both two legs and on four legs but are much faster on all fours.


Skin Type/Color:  Soft but showing signs of wear, ‘marbled’ with pale greyish pink with slightly darker spots.  Her pads are the slightly darker color


Eye Shape/Color:  Crystal Light Blue that seem to contain an inner moving shimmer of their own almond shaped inner most depths


Hair/Mane:  None, but her fur is just slightly thicker around to the front of her neck down just right where the cleavage.


Fur Length/Texture:  Meduim-Short all over with slightly longer/thicker ‘tufts’ from her elbows, jaw, back of her upper thighs and between her legs in her groin area.  Her fur type/texture is ‘silky’ and flows weighed down.


Fur Pattern:  Marbled Tabby


Fur Coloration:  All of her fur color variations are ranges of light silvers and light greys.  Her ‘base’ is a light silky silver just a few shades darker than white with an ‘undertone’ of a slightly darker grey.  Her ‘marble’ is just a shade darker silvery tone than her base fur’s undertone, over all making her markings just barely visible and more so visible in certain lighting.


Tail Type/Length: Plume  -cat term for ‘wispy’, long with the fur weighed down-; Its length is a little over half her body’s overall height


Claw Color:  White/Light





Usual Armour/Traveling Attire:

“Flexibility and mobility are the goals.  A good pair of riding soft layered leather pants and a thronged hardened corset usually do the trick catered with hard leather wrist guards and leather foot wraps.  Basic but effective.”



“Oh, you mean this?” *She gently traces a claw lightly down the leather throng that is tied loosely around her neck and its ‘pendant’ ( a mummified brightly colored small Carmine Bee-Eater carcass with all of its feathers still intact ) nestled just below her collarbone, her usually mischievous glint in her eye dulled heavily by a bittersweet sadness* “This… This little bird, this gift…, was given to me to win my heart.  Elves always have been eye-catching to me anyway, but… She knew me all too well… ”  *The light claw touch having traced through the little body’s feathers to its stiff tail and lingering for a moment… giving a short and subtle pause in speech and movement.  Both of her hands coming up to now display how the little pendant/makeshift purse works, being careful in opening the bird’s tiny beak which had been altered slight with a tie and tiny dowel.  The opening of it showed that the inside the body cavity had been worked to the point where little items could be stored and how the leather strip through the bird’s eyeless feathered skull made sure that the whole could not slip free from its binds.  Her lips lightly sealed when presenting, letting the motions and views speak form themselves, her gaze reverted to her common demeanor but still with that dull saddened luster.

My Secrets Are...

“Secrets? Hm… Heh.” *She casually looks away while her hand slowly, barely touching, glides along the length of the dark hilt of her holstered plain dagger…*

I Believe...

"The only consistancy in life is time."



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