Sasuke "Sassy" Firemist

Who Am I...

I am me and I am the Tradelord of Persistence

Romantic Interests

All dead but one is dead

Relationship Status

Widowed, complicated, but taken by a salty red-head.

My Story Is...

My story is lengthy these days but I will tell you all that I can without all the whining that I am known for…

Ever since I was little, I have imagined a man that has always looked over me like an imaginary friend. My step father died when I was 9 and I ran off out of sheer grief. I was taught how to survive thanks to this imaginary man. I reached my teen years where I have fought wars, fell in love, married a few times, and had some kids. I was even tortured by my second husband, Yama King. I have widowed each time. Now, I am traveling and wandering around with the man who I have only seen. He is now here! You can see him. You can touch him and feel him.

But why do I wish I was dead?

My Appearance

Hair: Dirty blonde with streaks of grey.

Fur: Black as night

Eyes: Black cat eye, amber cat eye

Skin: Pale

Makeup: All black

Tattoos: One on the lower back in Tribal style heart and on between my wings as a black heart.

Piercings: Tongue with surgical steel

Clothing: Black cloak, a black top, black jeans, and flat ankle high boots. Hand knitted black gloves as well. Hand knitted socks of dark grey with the broken mirror symbol in pink.

Carry: A large satchel


Travel sewing kit, a vial of blood, yarn, crochet hooks, wedding rings on a necklace, liger named Kwazii, knitting needles, a notepad, pencils, pens, and money.

My Secrets Are...

My uncle isn’t who he pretends to be…

I Believe...

That I may be just a tool.