Sylvie Layton

Intro Video


Magical girl. Dreamer. Knower of the unknown.

Who Am I...

The protagonist of her own story; a side character to everyone else's.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Think about things for a second. What would you do if you were frail? Weak? Snot-nosed, brittle-boned, small, pale, ghastly. The list goes on and on. What if you were offered power? Magic? Ability? 

What if it came at a price?


My Appearance

A relatively young woman – no older than twenty years – Sylvie is smaller than most. Her features are perfect; too perfect. Nails neatly trimmed, hair perfectly styled. She looks pristine. Untouchable.

And yet this only serves to hide sickly, pale skin; a hollow gaze. A persistent cough and a flat voice. Despite it all, she almost looked to be the very image of a perfect appearance. A perfect tragedy; the kind of girl John Green would write about.

A perfectly orchestrated disaster.

My Secrets Are...

Incomprehensible. Unthafomable. Inexplicable.

Knower of the unknown; of the arcane and the esoteric.

Bearer of great burdens; a vessel of the cosmic.

Entirely innocent.

B e l i e v e h e r .