Morvana Starfall

Who Am I...

I am Morvana Starfall, owner of The Collection, which holds many creatures from all over the multiverse.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Well, you see, I was born a queen. And as such, I began to use my power and influence to collect creatures from all over my universe. Eventually I studied and mastered the arts of magic, and came to use it to help communicate with my precious creatures, forming strong bonds with them. Now they do as I ask them, for even they understand my influence.

Though… I don’t get out and speak to people often, which I’ve been told I should do more…

My Appearance

Hair: White, Long and Wavy

Eyes: Amber

Skin Tone: Porcelain

Height: 6’0

Weight: 149 lbs.

Clothing: When being formal, she usually wears special robes of a supposedly magically soft material. These robes vary greatly in look. When being casual, she tends to wear sweaters and tights or sweatpants, because she couldn’t give a shit about appearances.


All kinds of things. None that /you/ need to know about though.

My Secrets Are...

My secrets are not yours to know. Nor would they likely affect you in any way in the first place.

I Believe...

My Creatures are precious and must be taken care of. And also, don't treat me any different from a normal person just because I'm royalty.