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Who Am I...

~ Creb'aidin ~ (Pronunciation – Kreh-Bye-dean) (~ Meaning in Sindarian ~ Creb’ain- Unfriendly black crows, Din – Silent)

Romantic Interests

He likes to think that he is interested in none whatsoever, yet still partakes in pleasuring himself with sinful desires. He believes that his heart died alongside his previous lover.

My Story Is...

~ Family ~

*Biological family is dead

* Second father – Utavian

* Sister – colleague – Delfuin,

* Brother – colleague – Sarihn~

~ Lover ~ N/A
~ Personality ~ When under the influence of his black energy, he is cold, ill-tempered, short fused, and hateful. When he is sober of dark forces he is quite loyal, intelligent, sympathetic, fair, and sweet.
~ Likes ~ Soft things, innocence, truth,
~ Dislikes ~ Humans, his own anger, Arguing,


~ Creb’aidin’s Void – Desolare Tsillah ~ His home is a dark realm of it’s own, only a powerful mage could break into the dark void, unless given permission to enter. There rests a dark crystal-like fortress that’s spire shaped top pierces the sky. This fortress was once the one that held him prisoner at a time of peace. The dark magic coursing through him changed the once beautiful castle to the evil state that is now lies. The inside now a hollowed out cavern. Stalagmites and stalactites of dark shades filled its depths. The dungeon that Creb’aidin was tortured and enchained rests beneath the hollowed crypts of the castle. One would be considered trapped in the depths of this realm if he to leave one in the dark fortress. This was also the resting place of his previous lover.

~ History ~
Creb’aidin suffers from a dark past. He was sent to live with a family of high elves to learn their culture and to take their knowledge of magic and the art of swordsmanship to his heart. He grew strong with his ‘second family’ and was praised for his strength with the divine arts and abilities. His blood family (the dark elves) grew jealous of the other fae, letting themselves be tainted by an evil energy. They were taught many things, including many forms of black magic. They soon became well known for experimenting on and slaughtering many, even their own kind. Wiping out many villages and territories. It took the elven kingdoms many years of hunting for the dark family, and when they were found they were quickly put to death so that no other would be at risk to endure their powerful black forces. Creb’aidin barely escaped the grasps of death at the young elven age of 400. The elven kingdoms had found out who he was, the son of the accursed family. The high elven family that had taken him in helped him escape the golden kingdom, though they were put to their deaths for helping out a supposed criminal. It didn’t take long for him to come back seeking revenge for both of  his families. Killing countless leaders and houses of royalty before becoming infatuated with his killings. Darkness coursed through him, cursing him with his hatred and rage towards the world. He was obsessed with his newly found power, and it started to grow out of control, tainting his mind. The innocent child was no longer present, only the evil shadow of a twisted man. Several hundred years had past, his dark rule over the land was coming to an end. Many leaders, Kings, and Queens had passed through the council of Kings. The fae were growing tired of the dark elf, so they sought a final end to his deeds. They set a trap for Creb’aidin. He was easy to read now, he whom only thought of pleasing himself with his greed and selfish acts. They offered him a new sanctuary, a cursed forest, filled with many creatures. The fae had made a pact to the creatures of the forest, to help end this futile war. Once Creb’aidin stepped foot in the forest it was already over. He was trapped. Vines grew around him, ensnaring him in place, whilst poisons flooded his blood, demeaning his senses. After he was struck unconscious, the fae council arrived to retrieve the body of the dark one. They brought the dark elf to the order of the Kings for a trial. At the court, he was deemed volatile and was banished to take not only his own term, but bearing the burden of each of  his family members as well. He was tortured for numerous years, then to be plunged into a fiery cell beneath the Earth. A molten metal was poured onto his dark skin, burning the very flesh and bones of him whilst he was alive. His screams of agony flooded the fiery place. The metal imprisoning him like a statue. Enchanted silver chains wrapped around the molten statue, keeping him in place until his awakening. The pain he suffered was unbearable. It was thought to be the end of him. Even though his sentence would pass several lifetimes, the fae thought him to be dead.
Nearly a milennia had past, and the fires of the hell had burned out. Stories were told and forgotten amongst the new generations of fae, fairy-tales if you will. The accursed family now a myth. A young elven mage by the name Aeliestel, ventured down into the cold earth that was now Creb’aidin’s crypt. She saw the terrifying statue of the elf and heard his screams that were etched into the plains around her. His name was written below on the ashen floor, warning anyone who sought to free this being. Realizing that this was a prison at one point in time, she figured that the elf in front of her would be dead. Words of magic sprang forth from her tongue, forcing the chains to release from the statue and the metal to melt off of him. Her eyes widened in horror to see the dark elf’s body in tact. It was badly scarred, large grayish-pink patches scattered across his lavender body. Once the liquid metal had completely retreated from him, his body fell against hers. Using her magic once more, she began to heal what injuries she could on him. His orange eyes flickered open, startling the woman. His hand immediately reached for her throat, but the sight of fear in her eyes made him stop. To his shock, he saw that she was in fact healing him. Memories flooded over him, the schools of magic that he was sent to, the sight of the high elves. The woman was a spitting image of that blood. He pledged himself to her, giving her his life, allowing her to do with it what she wished. He was no longer the entrapped demon in hell, but he was born anew. Many years had passed as he traveled with his newly found lover. It all seemed peaceful until the darkness began to swell in him once more. He began to kill again, seeking the thrill and the power that he had once possessed. Aeliestel soon found out what he was doing and cursed his name, sending word to the council of Kings that the monster they thought was dead had been reborn. The woman loved him dearly, yet she was unaware of how dangerous the man truly was. The dark aura of him had scared her, but she still treated him like a regular fae. Now was different, she thought of him as something else, some dark creature, and it enraged him. When guards were sent to execute him, Creb’aidin released all of his rage and hatred into the dark energy that consumed him, allowing the evil force to take control. Everything around him was destroyed, the souls of those nearest him were sucked dry, nothing remained intact. His rage was stopped and a new feeling set over him. A heavy, damp feeling. Worry, confusion, and sadness trapped him. His orange gaze shifted to that of his lover, only to find her body torn and defeated by his black powers. He went to her, taking the woman in his arms and cried out, cursing his own flesh. Years went on and on as he traveled the land. Nothing seemed to satisfy him anymore. He was cold, a flame that had gone out. Choosing to live in the shadows, he kept away from the living. It only made him a monster. The seclusion was unnerving, but it was the only way to dim his powers.
~*Will update soon*~

My Appearance

Height: 6’7
Weight: 202lbs
Blood type: Unknown
Race: Dark elf,
Eye: Orange
Hair Color/Style: Black, long, straight, silky,
Presentation: Lavender skin. He has countless burn scars covering his skin (from the molten metal), he uses his magic to hide these flaws.


Nothing at the time of imprisonment.

~ Properties ~

* Desolare Tsillah – The void that is home to Creb’aidin’s dark fortress.


~ Current Inventory ~

*Typically carries two obsidian longswords (dual wields)

*Black feathered cloak.

*Black leather armor.

*Suit of armor bearing his families crest – Made of ebony and dragonscale. Darkness shifts through this armor, taunting anyone with dark powers that may lay their eyes upon it. The armor was cursed by the council of elven kings. Binding the soul of whoever’s blood touched it to its shadowy presence. They cursed it, hoping that Creb would be drawn into the armor, but to their demise his strength with the black magic surpassed their white energies and he admired the dark set, finding it useful for his violent actions. As souls were gathered, Creb’aidin would use them for experiments just as his biological parents had done. (Taken and supposedly destroyed by the new elven council of Kings after the death of Aeliestel. Was in Lorrenzius’s possession, but Creb has taken it back).


~ Magic & Spells ~

*Black energy ~ The ability to create and manipulate energy out of his emotions. It typically takes physical form of shadow-like tendrils, but will also take other forms as well. Purple electricity is usually present in the shadowy figure due to the friction of the energy. The tendrils suck energy from its victims. It could be blood, magic, or life-force (soul). It will drain its victims dry, feeding the energy to Creb’aidin whether he wishes to consume the energy or not.

* Hell’s fire ~ The ability to create and manipulate blue flames.

* Healing (White Magic) ~ The ability to heal minor wounds of those he touches using white magic.
* Healing (Black Magic) ~ The ability to heal others, or bring dead flesh back to life. Useful in situations against the undead.
* Raise the undead ~ This ability allows him to create undead beings and to control them. There is an upside to having his own army of undead, but the downside is that he can still fall victim to their hunger for life.
* Teleportation ~ The ability to gather energy around him to disappear into the shadows or void, allowing himself to relocate to whatever place fills his mind.
* Ebony wings – Heavy black feathered wings can appear from his back with a release of energy. Runes shaped in the design of the wings stretch across his back and shoulders like a tattoo, hiding the presence of the wings until he calls them out. (Affinity was granted after a demonic druid had healed his injuries with her own runes, causing his body to take in the demonic energy from her, creating his own runes).


~ Will add more when necessary ~

My Secrets Are...

*When tempted by darkness, Creb’aidin’s dark side appears.
*He does have a heart, he just chooses not to listen anymore.
*Fear of constricted spaces due to his time being imprisoned as a statue.
*Desperately searches for something to put an end to his cold misery, whether it be death or a reason to live.
*His broken heart haunts him.
*Scars cover his purple skin, but is hidden by magic. The scars will only appear if he chooses to release his barricade of energy.


I Believe...

"Nothing changes.. Time simply moves on leaving it's mark on the world to torment us.."