Creed Metatronis Hellgaia


Eden was not created by God, instead she was the sister of God Father of light and Yjarl, father of the endless abyss.  She was the mother of all life except for the angels, who were God’s guardians of light, and the Wraith, Yjarl’s guardians of the abyss.  God had created light so that he could show his sister Eden it’s glory, she created many kinds of life within this light, but like any creation, both life, and light could no longer be controlled once let loose.  Jealous of life and light, the Abyss bore Sin and death, for nothing could ever be truly perfect, and must always have an opposite to balance it.  Because the light brought forth things that would hurt his dear sister Eden, Yjarl sought to extinguish his brother God’s light in order to make her safe again.  To this end, he must not simply destroy God’s creations, but Eden’s as well.  Thus an eternal conflict begun, born from the misguided love of ancient, immortal beings, a maelstrom that engulfed all of creation.

Thus Eden bore a second son, her first being Adam, named Mythias Metatronis Hellgaia, Father of the Eden seeds, beings of immense power born directly from Eden in order to protect her.  Eden loved all of her creations, including man, though not all of them would be fit to live in Eden’s Crossing.  To this end, she charged Adam with the protection of human kind, as he was their alpha while she charged Mythias, and the Eden Seeds that were his children with her own protection from the forces of her two brothers.  Adam would guard over her beloved humanity while her Eden Seeds would make sure that her brother’s didn’t destroy everything she’d come to love with their petty, eternal war.

In preparation for this eternal conflict, Mythias created a city around his mother Eden.  He called it Eden’s Crossing, it’s main purpose being to guard her so that no one would ever be able to hurt her, neither God, nor Yjarl. It existed nowhere, and everywhere at once. Soon, others found their way to the great city, beings of all shapes and sizes, from all over the different universes. They began to inhabit the city and call it their home, not only keeping the Eden safe, but keeping her company.  Proud of what her “son” had accomplished, Eden let Mythias sleep, let him dream, deep within a tower built at the center of Eden’s Crossing. He had given his mother her own eternal kingdom. After a long sleep, Mythias awoke to find that Eden’s Crossing had grown.

It’s protectors had become strong, and it’s inhabitants many. He found his ‘mother happy and knew his job was complete. Knowing her ‘son’s’ thoughts, Eden gave Mythias another purpose. To Live. With this new path before him, Mythias set off across the different worlds to find his own will, his own wants, his own needs. The First Seed Of Eden would make his mark and strike his own destiny for sure. Like his mother, Mythias didn’t want to be alone and so he began to raise Eden’s most powerful seeds as his own children.

One of them was Eden’s Beast Of The Earth, Creed.
She was everywhere. The ground that demons walked on in hell, the surface that was radiated by the angel’s light in heaven, the surface of the stars and all the planets held in space. They all represented her. And thus Creed’s power too, would be drawn from them, as well as the elements of life. Fire was her rage, wind was her breath, and water was her blood. He would feed on the flesh and blood of corrupt man to empower him even further, an Earthen Vampire if you will. He would be able to absorb the blood that stained the earth during battles without even touching, or nearing it. His body would be immune to magic, to the manipulation of time energies. His mind would always be his own. While he couldn’t manipulate elemental energies himself, he would feed off of them, use them as sustenance just as he did flesh and blood. His molecular structure would remain untouched unless she willed it otherwise. He would be strong, he would be fast, he would be intelligent, and above all, he would hate mankind. If he was killed in battle, he would return so long as she existed, and she would always exist. He was her testament. He would carry her will throughout the realms, for God’s power was so vast, that it could not be held within one reality. She and her brethren existed in many realities. Whether she was called Earth, Terra, Rhydin, or some other name, he would be her Knight. He would be her sword. He would be her vengeance. He was Creed Metatronis Hellgaia. Eden’s Beast Of The Earth.

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