Cpt. Kurai Y. Kishimoto

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Chief Science Officer @ Kishimoto Incorporated. Crimson Weapon Alchemist. Captain of the CWA Azrael's Blade

Romantic Interests

Whatever, ya know? Love freeee

My Story Is...

Remember remember, the fifth of November. Not for a plot on some government in a far away world, but for the artificial birth of Kurai Yuki Kishimoto. Gestated from the cells of Lily Rain Kishimoto, she was accelerated to the age of six. At that point she had shown a natural aptitude for the scientific arts, most specifically the ancient and metaphysical art of alchemy. But, she showed no ability whatsoever to perform the Kishimoto magical arts.

By the age of 10. she had far surpassed the intellect of those around her, so she went to college on Earth and earned several Ph.D’s in Medicine, Biochemistry, and Computer Engineering, along with passing marks in all sciences from Aerospace to Zoology. From there she moved to other worlds, and other times; after the Clan had acquired a vessel to travel through time and space.

She had gone to a world in which Alchemy was more than a metaphysical art, in which she mastered and gained the title Crimson Weapon Alchemist. She traveled to the future and learned about space travel and artificial intelligence, and updated what she already knew from present time.

Of course, there comes a time in a girls life when they need to let their hair down and go wild. And after a fateful meeting with Evangeline Altair, it disembarked Kurai from the straight and narrow down the path of sex, drugs, and rock & roll; in which she picked up an entirely new skill. Gunslinging.

After a while of that, Kurai calmed the excitement down in her life a bit and became the Chief Science Officer of her family company, Kishimoto Incorporated. She’s created many marvelous and wonderful things, then she’s created deadly and unspeakable horrors; all with equal prejudice.

When the world took to the stars, Kurai convinced the company that they couldn’t be left behind. So she spearheaded a project that would allow both the family and the company to safely branch out amongst the stars. Now she is in command of the most technologically advanced ship that she was able to formulate with all the resources she needed; thus the Gabe-I-El was born.


The KISH-0103 ‘Gabe-I-El’ Heavy stealth Frigate. 

The C.W.A-0516 ‘Azrael’s Blade’ Cruiser Class. 

CWA – 01: ‘E.I.R.A‘ Electronic Infiltration and Reconnaissance Android.

Crimson Weapons  & V.2