“Sleeeeeepy, I’m so very sleepy.”

Who Am I...

Key… just key

Romantic Interests

I don’t know just don’t be ugly

My Story Is...

I was born on a space station, taken by pirates when I was 3, and lived with them for 15 years before they let me go (And by let me go I mean put me in a ship with some food and water while I was sleeping). And I am always bored or tired.

My Appearance

I’m 5’11. Got long brownish hair so I mostly put it in a pony tail. I got the tattoo my pirate pals gave to me as a sign of me being with them (Or used to). Mostly just wears button ups and jeans. Also blackish eyes. I also have a small satchel that’s like magic or something.


I got a giant pillow that fits into the small satchel. Also a custom Ruger Vaquero. Also a butterfly knife (It has moons on it).

My Secrets Are...

Idk don’t really have any.


I Believe...

That there should be a designated nap time around the universe, like tea time.