Intro Video



Who Am I...

I am a goddes jk! I am just a normal girl(a Mary sue)

Romantic Interests

nobody but my heart

My Story Is...

all I remember is being in a room, seeing everyone of my family and friends did by some strange person. now I’m in a white room, alone with no sound. they think I’m insane. I never did anything. all I remember is a ghost that was the most evil I’ve ever saw. they think I killed them. I don’t wanna believe though, I would dream of hurting my family. I’m gonna try to get out of here. the ghost is shining.

My Appearance

I am wearing a striped red and green long sleeve with orange stretch pants and red flats.


I sometimes have a knife on me and a couple of snacks cause I eat a lot XD

My Secrets Are...

I am depressed and I believe that I am is pawn for other people.

I Believe...

that the world will be reborn and change from this hell