When Crystal was born in her parents small home in persistence, she had big blue eyes, and little tufts of teal hair. Her mother and father were in love with the baby girl, and since her eyes were so blue, they decided to name her Crystal. As time went by, Crystal grew at a faster rate than normal. By the age of six, she had a body of a nine year old. By the time she was nine, a twelve year old. She was smarter than most, for Crystal also had a photographic memory. Everything she saw, and heard, she instantly remembered, and it was stored away in a file. She was the top of her class in school, and fit in pretty well. But her parents were keeping big secrets from her. One night while she lay in bed, she had felt feverish. She was sweaty her hair plastered to her face, yet she was freezing. Confused, she had sat up, and wiped sweat from her forehead. When she opened her eyes to look around her room, she saw the shadow of a huge monster, with eyes dark, and pitted. She screamed and threw her hands up, and they seemed to glow. Almost like lava, before a column of flames erupted from her hand and slammed into the creature. It let out a wail, and she screamed as it descended on her. Right as she thought the was going to die, her mother burst in, and sent a torrent of water at the creature. It wailed and advanced on her mother, whose water shielded her as her father leaped around her. Opening a trinket of some sort, as the monster was sucked into it. Crystal had screamed and screamed as her flames and the water from her mother were also sucked into the trinket, and her father rushed to her calming her.

In the morning her parents explained that the creature was called the Dimiourgía tou fóvou

Or creature of fear. These beings went after people like her family, and feasted on their fear, growing stronger in order to devour their pnévma


Her family was part of an ancient race called the astéria

Or celestials. Able to call on the power of the stars, when a new celestial is born, all powers go to that child. When Crystal was born, she developed the flame and water casting ability from her mother (though she sticks mainly to flame), as well as the ability to shapeshift and lock away a Dimiourgía tou fóvou .


The Dimiourgía tou fóvou

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These creatures are stored in  anything really, her father used an old pocket watch. Crystal however uses a locket given to her by her mother.

The Dimiourgía tou fóvou

Are stored in these trinkets until they can officially be locked away in a vase like container called the katharistikó tou kakoú.

Eventually Crystal’s parents trained her to use her powers but she refused. Only using them when absolutely necessary, until her mother and father were killed in an Dimiourgía tou fóvou attack.

Now Crystal hunts down the Dimiourgía tou fóvou

In hopes to avenge her family.

Who Am I...

I am the last astéria in my family.

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Men and women

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Animal forms she takes

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Close-up of last week's No Girl drawing. A lot of the details disappeared from shrinking the drawing down to fit Instagram format! So here's an up close and personal view ❤❤❤

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