Cult of Sa-Can


Ahor ot epshuggog, mggoka’ai ya uln. Ot mggoka c’mgathg l’cahf c’ahornah nafl’fhtagn!
(Can of Hell, hear my call. Take of our refuse so that we may rise!)

Who Am I...

We are a cult dedicated to Satan in trash can form

Romantic Interests

Proper Waste Disposal

My Story Is...

Our order was founded by a prophet who dove into a trash can. In this can he received visions from our dark lord. Refuse -be it trash or unworthy non-believers- must be properly disposed of, and the Teak, most blessed of darkwoods must be planted and cultivated (get it? CULTivated?!).

My Appearance

Matching hooded black robes. Y’know, cult stuff


-A cult handbook/Bible/Necronomicon thing printed on teak paper and with a teak hardood cover.
-A knife with a teak handle
-Garbage bags

I Believe...

Dispose of refuse to cleanse the world