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Who Am I...

The Universal Zero Point

Romantic Interests

I want to meet someone of equal power.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was created long ago… in the very essence of what a black hole is. When the first black hole came into existence, I was created. Then from then on, I learned the ways of the life that I ever so needed to take. I begin learning simple things, that was 13 billion years ago. For me, time is nothing, it is merely a concept made up by faux intelligent beings. For me… time is limitless! The only way that I shall die is when there is no more matter in this universe for me to take energy from. By that time all of you will perish as well. For I have no soul in this being because when I die it would be pointless for me to live on. I have seen countless civilizations come and pass, I have tried my best to save them but most of them end up destroying themselves. Most importantly I am the only one like me in the universe… no other black holes were given this power to for into a being. Also, no other has the ability to control the mass of the supermassive black hole power that I was given. If I were to be erased from existence (only by the infinity stones) the universe would implode upon itself from loss of mass. Given the fact that I am a controlled supermassive black hole, I can absorb mostly anything in the conceivable universe. I cannot be hurt and I cannot be touched by a being with a soul. For if they touch me when I do not allow them they enter the event horizon inside of me. Not to mention I have the ability to form black holes on command when I need them. I can transport anything, anywhere in the universe. I can also release controlled gamma bursts of whatever need be. I hope one day I will find someone just like me… someday.

My Appearance

I have skin which emits light like that of stars in the sky. I wear a robe which has the same powers I have. I have silver hair which burns with that of 1 billion suns.


Blackhole Staff – Aka: Singularity

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Throwable Blackhole cells: can be thrown by any user to create mini black holes for any use possible.

I have most of every object inside of my void… I would just have to find it.

My Secrets Are...

I have no secrets…

I Believe...

Everyone should be treated equally no matter what powers.