Corey Wildflame

Who Am I...

Corey Mykie Wildflame; Powerful Hybrid

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Corey was born to Myke Wildflame, a powerful hybrid who is a war vet and jedi. He was born from his mother Elizabeth Amoré, daughter of The Cupid and of a woman who dabbled in the force. So of course this hot guy dream is strong in the force himself. Then added with his dad being a hybrid, what his mom was made him a tri-brid. Corey is a mix of a Roc, (which is a ancient eagle that is large enough to grasp an elephant in its talons) a Blood Demon (Basically a Demon whomsoever powers rely on blood consumption), and a Cupid. So he’s one powerful fuck in general..

My Appearance

Scruffy Blonde Hair


Pale Skin


Black-Cyan Hues with Lovely Pink colored Pupils