Dorian Cyan Frostmoon

Intro Video


Dorian Cyan Frostmoon

Alpha of the Frostmoon pack

Age: 3226 looks: 32 in age

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Taken by Mia Blackheart

Race: Frost mage Lycan hybrid ( Former Frostwolves)

Occupation: Tracker/Mercenary

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Cyan Blue

Height: 7’3″


Cyan can be well moody at times. But treat him kindly and he will return the kindness, the same goes for the rudeness.

Strengths and weaknesses


Speed, agility, master archer, High sense of smell and hearing. Shifting into his Lycan and Direwolf forms


Silver, wolfsbane,  fire element.


Who Am I...

Cyan The last of the Frostwolf Cln and Alpha of the Frostmoon pack

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Taken by Mia Blackheart

My Story Is...

A werewolf that lost his pack to endless wars with vampires.  He was the eldest of his siblings. His mate was the Alpha of the Frostwolves. He was the Beta. He was away hunting for the pack when his pack was brutally slaughtered by Vampires.  His true name is Dorian Cyan Frostmoon.

For 13 years has lived in the shadows on the run.  He was also a guardian for Kaname and Yuki for 4 years after Kaname saved him.

My Appearance

Wolf form

Image result for Cyan werewolf

His damascus steel wings




Human form ( Based on Garrett Hedlund from Eragon)

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See the source image


Long sword, Bow and a quiver of arrows.