Mirabelle Plum

Who Am I...

A nymph, of course

Romantic Interests

Everybody and no body at the same time

Relationship Status

Single but never looking

My Story Is...

Mirabelle was born in the nymph forest of Consequence in the middle of the Wages of Consequence arc, a seedling of one of the current nymphs who sprouted in a day and became a child the next. A servant to the many gods, her parents offered her in service to whichever one would take her and as a result, she became the water maiden of temples throughout Hellifyno.


As a wandering nymph, it is her duty to clean and look after temples throughout the lands. Wherever she goes, she tosses seedlings in the hope of renewing the land’s resources and also providing everyone with plums derived from her own variety of fruit. Naturally, she has gained enemies and friends along her path of only a year of life. Being attacked by Satyrs and Centaurs, for one, but also coming under the curse of vengeful gods who did not earn favor with the people in those remote villages she went through.


She was prone to dancing, to humming mildly to herself, and her adventures led her far and wide across a planet that struggled with its own chaos. There were moments when she felt as if she were turning evil. In those moments, she rooted herself to the earth to keep herself from hurting anyone. Her fruit became her saving grace and weaving baskets became a secondary concern of hers.


There were moments in time along her venture where she became mischievous and perhaps cruel. At villages far outside the reach of local cities or major ports, she would tease the men of certain cities where fathers were cruel to their daughters and wives, seeking an end to social injustice by torturing those men in cruel but intelligible ways, teaching daughters and wives to seek higher education and social independence. Instead of choosing men as her protectors, she would often allow female warriors or women who had the ability to fight but no cause to take that stance, protecting her assets while proving herself to be innocent enough.


It comes down to those areas in which she finds herself, always wandering and never stopping. The world itself is cruel but she doesn’t have to be.

My Appearance

As a nymph, her body is a marvel especially for the type she is. She stands 5’3”, short but not very stout, with ever growing breasts and the lack of wide, birthing hips with mutated red hair and ugly blue eyes. Her ears are slightly pointed but not so much that she looks like an elf with dull points that merely bring more attention to doe-like eyes and a healthy pale, but slightly tanned, complexion.


You will rarely see her without a gray cloak and a basket, though if you do, you can assume she has given it to someone less fortunate than herself or to a local tavern since her plums may have filled the basket, passing on their seeds.


Gray cloak, a basket full of plums, a tunic to wrap around their body and a few old dresses

My Secrets Are...




They have the ability to turn into the tree they are most attached to life-force wise.
They have the ability to turn people into trees of their choosing; this does not last long and is only made more powerful by using the tree that the nymph itself is attached to.



They can manipulate or grow trees nearby almost instantly to create a barrier that protects them from physical or magical blows for a short time.
They can project a flurry of leaves at their attacker to blind them for a short time. The longer they use this magic, the more it drains them.
They have the ability to create a massive wall of flowers, roughly two to three feet in every direction of the user, to use as a shield. After its use has been had, the wall of flowers begins to die and/or rot away.



They have the ability to shoot multiple thorns from their hand which can inflict pain or cause their opponent distraction.



They have the innate ability to talk trees or flowers to life, either to make them grow more quickly or to bring them back from a recent death. They have the most power over a tree or set of trees that they are most comfortably linked to.
They can create trees, fruit, or flowers from nothing. The larger the tree, flower, or the more fruit they produce, the more drain on the user.
As they are a nymph, they stop aging at a certain point in time, giving them immortality except in the case that their original tree or home is destroyed. This would start their aging over again.
They have a telepathic or empathetic connection to nature and other nymphs.
Depending on the type of tree, fruit, or flower they are connected to, they may portray characteristics of said tree, fruit, or flower if it benefits them.



They may smell of the fruit, flower, or tree itself.
They are excellent gardeners.
They are generally more happy in spring and summer months, more solemn/melancholy in the fall and winter months.