Cyprus Bane

Who Am I...

Cyprus Bane is the vampire progeny of Tyson Myres

Romantic Interests

Initially Leila Marie Carter but now just women in general

My Story Is...

Birth Name: Christanius Dementia Russuyo

Nicknames: Bane, Chris, Cy, Cyr

Time of Birth: January 23, 1393 | Time of Death: March 15, 1416

Resurrection: May 12, 1535

Place of Birth: Horse Lands of Sparta

Place of Death: The Streets of Medieval Rome

Sire: Tyronius Medicus Gaius

Alignment : Chaotic Good

My Appearance

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Species: Vampire – Witch – Unknown – Paradox

Hair: Caught somewhere between dark, dirty blonde and light brown.

Skin-tone/Body: Pale, sometimes tanned. Athletic, yet not heavily muscled. Lean yet built for speed and strength one-to-one.

Eyes: Rich, delectable brown. Darkened around the edges when the need to feed arises.