Latalia {Neferi}

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A girl with a lost dream.

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“Smile At least you have your life still.” That is what they told me. That is what They all told me to do when I felt down. But they do not understand what I lossed. My gift. My soul was taken from me. Perhaps I should start from the beginning.
I was like any other girl. Happy and content. Stupid. I also struggled with the normal things a girl did my age back then. The high school crushes. The popularity issues and homework. But one thing always got me through hard times. That was music and my singing. And to be honest as a girl who lived on a planet of demons and gods and constant threat of the end of the world It was good to have sort of thing to keep my mind on. I would sing for parties and  go to all the talent shows I could. I wanted to be famous. I wanted to be happy.

Seems the universe had other plans for me on that. Cruel ones. And on the worst day it could have. I got a call by a local record company who wanted to make a label for me. I was ecstatic. I really had no idea to react in all truth. I gathered my things and rushed out the door to meet with the manager and in an instant it all went dark.
The only thing  I could recall was a sharp pain before I woke up in a room. Blood on the walls and i was tied up. I felt sick and my neck felt like it was on fire. I do not know the rest of the details of that night all I could recall is that  i was surrounded by men chanting. Before they left the room. It was some sort of ritual and it was finished. Once i cleared my mind I panicked. I knew about the local cults in the city but I never expected to be taken by one. If this ritual was done already then that meant something was going to happen to me. I went to scream but no sound came from my lips. Again my neck felt like it was on fire. It was then I found out what else they did to me. I was screaming during the chanting so they cut out my voice box. It explained why i was so weak and sick. It was from the blood loss.

I lost my one happiness in the world. Stolen from me. It was too much My voice was gone and now my soul was going to be as well. I wept before i felt my body start to burn up. It was painful. I could not scream or beg for it to stop. And then i blacked out.
When I awoke I was no longer in the room but outside. My clothes were torn and my hands were covered in blood that was not my own. I was shocked and scared but i was free so I simply forced myself to my feet and ran as far as i could. It was not till later I found out what happen but ill let her tell that part.


They say Demons are dark and evil but that is not always the case. Darkness is always misunderstood. But it is true that were are beasts. But Unlike my brethren and sisters I never found joy in hurting mortals. I found them interesting. Amazing even. But some mortals can even be more monstrous then demons. You see The thing about demon summonings is well they pick a demon at random unless you have something of the demon itself. Such a summon pulled me into Tali.
I could feel the pain of her body as i was forced to possess her and fuse with her soul. It angered me. Enraged me even that once i had full control of her body i killed the men. And then I got her out of that place. I felt horrible for the suffering I caused her. Her voice stolen for her just to bring me to her world. Outcast because she had me within her. So i gave her my power so that it could never happen again.

I would listen to music and cry every time because i knew my dream was gone no matter what. I could not be healed due to the fact a cursed blade was used to cut out my neck that night. I hated my life.
But Nef helped with her power I was able to at least speak again after years of silence. Still I could not sing.
But she could draw with the best of them.

Heh Yeah drawing was my other talent and gave me a new dream. So i started to work on it as best i could to improve on those skills It was not singing but it was something I could focus on until i found a way to sing again. And that is pretty much where my story begins.
I am Latalia
And i am Neferi

And this is our story.

I Believe...

A smile only masks the pain.