Damian Zagurian


Who Am I...

Son of Levi of Maggie Zagurian

Romantic Interests

I'm a hopeless romantic flirt. Someone smack me!

Relationship Status

Taken by my Little Librarian – Montague

My Story Is...

Half Nymph, Half Balencian, 100% Fuck Up

I wanted to be a fighter like my dad, A Hero. When that didn’t work I attempted being a lover and that went to the Hells in a hand basket too. Now I’m a writer with a green thumb and love of gardening.

My Appearance

Ocean blue eyes, a wide goofy smile, taller than my dad, wild sunny hair that hides trumpet shaped petals


A leather jacket to compliment my grass stained knees.

My Secrets Are...

Locked away

I Believe...

that you should always talk to your plants.