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Name : Skipper, Skip, or Skippy

Age : 25

Species : Human (with a little on the side)

Gender : Female

Nationality : American

Build : 5’3½” – 108 lbs – Slim

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Blue

Superpower : Teleportation


Portrayed By : Bex Taylor-Klaus

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My Story Is...

You get the short version for now. Dad was a crazy scientist. Not the kind that really holds down any sort of job. The kind that gets fired from high-paying, respectable jobs because he gets off on experimenting with living things, animals, pets, even people. Apparently my parents owned a pretty lovable dog before I was born. Still kinda sad I missed out on that.

Anyway, once dad ran out of things to experiment on, he took my mother and turned her into a goddamn incubator. I was the 6th of 6 children he pretty much forced her to have (1 & 2 died from his experiments, 3rd was the first to gain any form of mutation, then died a year later. 4th and 5th attempts gained actual superpowers and minor deformities, but the 5th one killed the 4th after going crazy, last I heard he’s in some kind of hospital/prison? I dunno, man).

I was the last for a reason, just not the reason I wanted.

I’ll admit, as soon as I was old enough to think for myself, I wanted to kill him. I was the first perfect success of his experiments, able to teleport from point A to point B with almost simplistic perfection by the time I was five. Best part was, he couldn’t find a single deformity.

He was so excited to continue his perfected research, but mom… she wasn’t having it. She wasn’t going to do this to any more kids. So one day, while “dad” made me practice my powers across the den room, mom came out of the kitchen with a knife, made sure she had his attention. She told him to “look at his work,” then slit her own throat right in front of us.

For all his smarts, the old man couldn’t do a thing to prevent it. His precious sow, gone. And I was out a mother. While he tried to stop the already-corpse of a woman from bleeding out, I called the police. That was the last day I ever saw old daddy dearest. Last I heard, he’s in a prison/prison.

I’ll be up front, living isn’t easy when you’re thrown into a world where no one knows your power, and not many understand it. I had a lot of ordinary people who didn’t get me, and I never stayed with anyone long enough for them to figure it out. I just wanted to be alone.

Thieving became a thing. More of a survival thing, but everyone wants to call it thieving, so fuck it.

Believe it or not, that was the short version.

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