Telekinesis:  Drystan can move objects with his will. His telepathy is far more about precision than strength, capable of picking up less than his natural strength but acting on a much smaller or grander scale of finesse than physically possible at a distance.

Psychokinesis: While very similar to Telekinesis (synonymous, in fact,) this is used to differentiate his ability to exert far greater force than his normal telekinetic capacity depending on his mental state. This is an example of emotional amalgamation that remains static across different emotions.

Tactile-kinesis: This acts as both Telekinesis and Psychokinesis, but it functions via touch. This is a specific application that allows Drystan to add his mental strength to his physical.


Telepathy: Drystan is capable of communicating mind-to-mind via Telepathy. He does not specialize in manipulations directly into the minds of others.

Empathy: Psions are often very empathic, which means they feel the emotions of others. Mental guards that do not allow a Psion in may not entirely protect against unintentionally projecting emotions.

Psionic Ping: This is similar to sonar, except that Drystan creates a minute mental pulse that reverberates or “highlights” mental signatures in the vicinity. The stronger the mind, the more precise the ping. For example, mindless zombies may not show, a cow would be vague, but a human would be clear as day. This sensation can be felt as “someone is watching” feel, though it is non-invasive by its nature.

Residual Mind Spike: This is the ability to leave a mark on a mind, to have some action act on repeat for an undefined amount of time. For example, to have a sound replay whenever a trigger is met – such as saying “Watch out” whenever an object is moving towards the target at high velocity, or singing showtunes into the mind of the target indefinitely.


Illusion Projection: While some Psions will project illusions into the minds of others, Drystan much prefers to create illusions in the open world to keep from invading minds. This form also does not have to pierce mental barriers and can be experienced by multiple entities with a single use.

Force Shields: While technically a form of Telekinesis (but only technically) Force Shields are projected solid barriers of psionic energy that perform with various parameters based on the user’s desire. Meaning, Force Shields can change appearance, interaction and strength based on Drystan’s emotional state.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Drystan has come a long way since discovering his … gifts… Once upon a time he was an orphan living under the care of abusive foster parents – unable to leave but unwilling to stay. His parents left a hefty fortune, in case something were to happen to them. After their death, he was given a monthly amount – which his adoptive parents syphoned all of. With more than twice the amount it would have taken to pay the bills, Drystan’s childhood was riddled with hardship as his deadbeat adoptive parents blew his money on drugs and unnecessary material goods – none of it for him.


At seventeen years old, he failed his umpteenth escape attempt. At this point he was labeled a delinquent and a runaway – making it hard to get very far in a small town with little public transport. His adoptive father was fed up with the acts of rebellion and, in a drunken – meth fueled rage – he stated; “If I knew you were gonna be this much trouble, I woulda offed you with your parents!”

They deserved what they got… but all those innocent people in the twenty mile radius did not. The detonation was instantaneous. Fueled by over a decade of pent up rage, hatred, sadness and loneliness – the detonation triggered by the last scar disintegrated his murderous foster parents and terraformed the landscape around him into desolate ruins.


That was a decade ago… every minute since he has spent trying to forget. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not so much. Often, he uses the trauma to remind himself why it is so important to stay happy.

My Appearance

Drystan stands at an average 6’1″ and weighs 175 pounds. His most remarkable feature is his long, wavy, crimson hair and pale flesh. At least… until emotions run high. Who knows what visual indicators will appear from time to time – from a golden sunburst to blackened tears, his psionic abilities in high concentration often have odd visual indicators.