Danny Wolfspain

Who Am I...

I am a trans boy from North adams

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Taken engaged infact

My Story Is...

I am a white wolf solider fought in the war dragons vs wolvesyes he lived in a peaceful realm untill the fire dragons felt inferier till the wolf race and he tried his best to save everyone but was only able to save the love of his life and 3 friends.He felt alot of guilt that he couldnt save everyone but he at least was able to save most but he hopes more have survived 

has three pups with his wife Winter and they live in a secret under ground world . He grew up as nothing but a farmer he has always loved the idea of adventure and safty for everyone especially his family and he will do anything to protect the people he loves. He is a little goofy but he lives by a code of truth he will forever be loyal and will put his life on the line for anyone he cares about especailly the love of his life

My Appearance

tall about 6ft3 has white hair ,a scar over his left eye from were he was almost burned half to death, muscular with many trible tattos . wears black jeans tatterd and a blue flannel with no sleeves and no boots so he can feel the earth beneath his paws. pale white skin and one ring a wedding band on his right hand

I Believe...

being loyal and honest is the only way to keep a stable marrige and friendship