Who Am I...

A demon hunter

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Dante works as a bounty hunter of sort out of a bar owned by his friend he has a brother named Virgil

My Appearance

Age: around 500 years old but looks in his mid 30s

Weight: 256

Height: 6’5


Devil Arms

1. Sword Of Sparda: The Legendary Sword of The Dark Knight Sparda it has 3 forms Sword, Scythe and Spear.

2. Rebellion: A Claymore given to me by my father.

3. Alastor: a sword that is The Embodient Of The Thunder Devil.

4. Ifrit: The Gauntlet Manifestation Of The Fire Devil

5. Cerberus: A Tripartite Nunchaku originating from The Ice Guardian Cerberus.

6. Agni & Rudra: A Pair of living Scimitars that once belonged to Demonic Golems they can be formed into a double sided Glaive.

7. A demonic Guitar/Scythe able to summon a swarm of bats.

8. Gilgamesh: A Living Suit of Armor.

9. Lucifer: a Demonic Armor that can summon Spectral Blades.



1. Ebony & Ivory: Dantes trademark handguns.

2. Shotgun

3. Grenade Launcher.

4. Nightmare-B: A Demonic laser blaster.

5. Artemis: A Demonic laser rifle.

6. Spiral: a powerful Sniper Rifle

7. Pandora: A Briefcase that can transform into 666 diferent guns.


My Secrets Are...

Wait and see

I Believe...

that Demons and Humans can live in peace one day