-Danté Savage-

Who Am I...

Danté Savage

Romantic Interests

Men and Women /Bisexual/

Relationship Status

"Single as a Pringle baby!"

My Story Is...

“I’ll just let the Narrator do their job-”
Thanks Danté, so nice to me, unlike your brother..
“I’m the nicer one~”
Now don’t get cocky on me!

Danté Savage was born in a dimension if which it is normal.. To be Abnormal. See, in his world you are born as a hybrid or half. Danté was born a werewolf, as his brother. A fire werewolf, to be exact.

Danté Savage was born a twin with his brother, Everett Savage. They were abandoned of their parents at age 7, leaving to be left alone in a cruel world. Of course this affected the Twin’s behavior in different ways.

Whereas Everett took out his depression on others, often getting into fights, Danté coped differently. He often told jokes, and was a class clown in his highschool years. He had a bit of a temper, but not as much as Everett. The difference was tremdous, being how different the two twins were.

Danté is often seen calmer and more collected, aside from the fact he’s more hyper than Everett. He has ADHD, often finding it hard to stay on topic and is constantly active. Helping that he was a high school track runner, it was the best way to keep him together emotionally.

“I think they can figure out the rest when they meet me..”

My Appearance

Red Hair,
Yellow Eyes,
Pale skin,
Stands at 6’3, 6’4,
Weighs 158 Ibs,
Wolf ears and Tail accompany him

Danté dresses in emo clothing, often wearing Black, Gray, and Dark Red. He usually has a pair of combat boots on, or gothic shoes. He likes to wear fingerless gloves a lot of the time and gold chains.

He has a tattoo of a joker card on his left forearm, and on his right is a tattoo of dying roses. He wears his ears pierced along with his lips. He wears make up often, just typical goth emo makeup, black eyeliner and lipstick, etc*

His appearance and attitude leads many people to believe he is gay, but in fact, he is bisexual.


Satchel, phone, charger, makeup, jewelry, stolen items, etc*

My Secrets Are...

“Not telling~”

I Believe...

"Um.. Nothing I suppose."