Daphne Rose

My Story Is...

For the longest time all I could remember was fire.  Running through smoke filled woods with dogs barking at my heels, looking back and seeing the only home I had ever known engulfed in a terrifying conflagration.    And with me, as always, the voices, sending me hurtling through the night, away from the panic of the flames and towards some uncertain end.


Now I remember more.  A few years locked in a cage will do that to a person. One goddamn honest mistake and I find myself in, well, I would say “solitary confinement,” but as I said, I am never really alone.


I was born the third child and the second daughter of the King of Highgate, and never expected to ascend to anything, let alone the throne.  I spent my days in our pond community in the shadow of my older sister, Lily.  Why everyone loved her so I still don’t understand.  Was she more beautiful than me?  Yes.  But I was the smart one, something no one ever bothered to acknowledge, of course.  And my older brother, Flax.  Groomed for military leadership, he could literally get away with murder while I was punished for the slightest indiscretion.  Eh, despite that, I suppose I had my fair share of fun times, seeking pleasure wherever I could find it, first in the kitchen where the cook would slip me extra sweets after dinner, then with the common folk in the taverns, and finally in the moonlit fields with my father’s servants.


My plan was always to leave as soon as I could find a way to do so, but first, the fire.  No matter how hard I try, I still can’t remember what happened to inspire the attack on my village.  But everywhere I go, I’m looking over my shoulder.  I get the feeling I’m wanted for something.   Now that I’m free of both my metaphorical and literal prisons, my plan is to continue to enjoy everything life has to offer.


If anyone wants this girl for anything, they gotta catch me first.

My Appearance

Long, bright red hair, grey eyes, average height, fit but not overly muscular.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

in pursuing every adventure you come across, in magic, in enjoying all of life's pleasures, and of course, in well-deserved revenge.