Who Am I...

I am many

My Story Is...

Camile, Nightshade, and Shadow were all brought up in the Kingdom of Shadows. In their first life they were all friends. But slowy as they all passed to second life they forgot the others, and soon we’re ruling their own kingdoms. Shadow ruled over Razgard, the realm of the dead. Nightshade ruled over hell for a few years before she grew tired of this. And Camile was the Queen of Elysium. But a major accident in Camile’s life changed the fate of all three women. Camile lost her vocal cords, which were her everything, and somehow was forced to share a body with the Egyptian goddess Isis. Nightshade’s home was destroyed as the new ruler of hell sent Assassin’s after her, and she’s been on the run every since. Shadow’s daughter Bone was stolen by her Grandmother Cacaphony, after Shadow’s true love was murdered. Each of the women are now trying to get their lives back together, with the help of another succubus, Morigan Bane.