Shadow the death goddess

Who Am I...

The Goddess of death and ruler of Razgard

Romantic Interests

Who ever can best me in a fight

Relationship Status

Single since noone has tried

My Story Is...

Shadow is a calloused person by nature. Her mother was Cacaphony, the goddess of the living, and ruled over Tamral, the realm of life. Her father is Morbidious, the god of RazGard. He created the realm for the dead, which Shadow now resides power over. When Shadow first came into power, she fell in love with someone named Spirit. He was killed by Shadows brother after they had a child together named Bone. However her mother took Bone and shadow hasn’t seen her since. With the death of her love and the disappearance of her only child she swore off love for the rest of her life.

My Appearance

Shadow is a tall, curvy yet toned woman. She has snow white hair, with eyes the silver of the moon and her teeth are sharp like a sharks. She wears a leather halter top, and leather pants with a hooded leather cloak over this as well as knee high heeled boots.


Anything I can pull from Razgard.