Keranita Tremere

Who Am I...

I am the Queen Of the blood…Also known as the Queen Of Vampires…

Romantic Interests

Perhaps if the right one comes along…You never know….

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am the Queen of vampires, My story is a long one and I would rather tell it to one I can eventually trust….I seek a right hand man of submissive nature and yet he must be strong and eventually very protective of me….Have an eventual romantic interest in me and the story will go on from there….

My Appearance

Hair – Raven Black
Eyes – Piercing Blue (Vary depending on mood)
Height – 6 ft 2
Weight – 140 – 170
Attire – Vary


Can compel

Move things with mind

Change Shape or into other creatures

Magick uses that vary

Can read minds

My Secrets Are...

I have many that could be eventually shared…
Trust is earned, It will not be just magically handed over….

I Believe...

I don't believe in much these days…..