Dash Morgan

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I do not own the art, credit goes where credit is due to the artist.

18+ is fine in my book.  More then old enough.

Dash can be a dick doesn’t mean I am.  Least not all the time.  Point is player and character are separate.  Not everything he says I share the view point of.  Basically as stupid as it is to say IC is for IC purposes and does not reflect anything OOCly.

Who Am I...

Sailor on a merry ship sailing the stars

Romantic Interests

Whatever catches my eye

My Story Is...

Once there was a boy who thought to change his fate.  Born on a remote space station on the ass end of the universe where one could barely scrape by, the kid looked to the stars beyond dreaming of a life among them.  Old holo vids of heroes were his brain rotting drug of choice.  One day he hoped to be like the greats of older times.  Flash, Kirk, Harlock.  So the idiot youth got himself a stupid idea.  Steal himself a ship, set out onto the sea of stars as captain of his own vessel.  Needless to say things did not go as planned.  Sneaking on board he got caught after the ship had already sailed.  Not only was his luck poor enough to get caught before he could stage his take over, the ship he had picked belonged to a pirate.  It wasn’t long before he found himself face first up against a port window about to be spaced like yesterday’s garbage.  Be it by luck or his winning personality the captain took a shine to the lad.  His pluck in the face of certain doom gaining him a place on the crew.


The first few years were more about learning.  Everything he could find a chance to learn on the ship he did.  Hoping to one day use the knowledge to become captain.  Which really only made her laugh at his attempts. He proved to be worth the effort though.  Handy in a pinch he worked his way up from the bottom.  With a few distinguishing marks during the raids he ended up leader of the raiders.  As the years went on he stopped caring as much about becoming captain.  It wasn’t long before he realized that this was what he had been searching for all his life.  The family he never really had.

Now adays “Dash”  as he has come to be called among the others has made the name for himself among the crew.  Earning their trust as well as the captain’s.  First mate aboard the ship he tends to serve as the leader on away missions or as a scout for the crew when entering new ports.  While he has stepped down as leader of the raiders he still sometimes accompanies them.  A thrill seeker he always enjoys being in on the action.


That was a long time ago however.  Abandoned with just a scuttle jumper to see him through, the once proud raider makes his own way.   Even without a crew to call his own he remains a pirate at heart.  Maybe one day he will find his old crew.  For now he contents himself with odd jobs and plenty of liquor.




Dash is much like his name sake.  Headstrong and ready to take action at a moment’s notice.  Sometimes before he even has a chance to fully plan out what he is doing.  With a love of living on the edge he enjoys riding his bike, piloting the shuttle in dangerous terrain and a good pint.




With his background aboard the vessel he has amassed a good array of skills.  Ranging from hand to hand combat, marksmanship, sailing, piloting.  In good physical condition he is pretty agile as well, a bit of practice coming from evading the law that hunts them.


Dash is a psionic.  With the help of one of his crew mates, he was able to develop this area allowing him to have good control over these powers.  His two main areas of expertise among them are psychokinesis (manipulation of energy, telekinesis, blasts.)  and psychometabolism (altering the physical properties of oneself or another creature.)  Dash however lacks any talents in telepathy or mind reading.


My Appearance

Age- 33 (By Earth years.)

Height- 6 foot even

Weight- 185 lbs

Eyes- Amber

Hair- Black


A pirate through and through Dash tends to dress the part.  Rough clothing that fits loosely for ease of movement.  Navy blues and other darker colors are the name of the game for ease of moving about at night.  A smoker he is often seen with either a cigarette or cigar hanging out of his lips.  At times one might even see a pipe.  Keeps his face clean for the most part, never going past a five o’clock shadow.  Dash has been said to have roguish good looks.


Living the good life is not without its hardships.  While for the most part he had managed Dash has suffered some injuries along the way.  The two most noteworthy are both on his right side.  First Dash is partially deaf.  Not able to hear out of his right ear without the assistance the implant running along the back of his ear.  This device serves as both a hearing aid and a communication relay to the ship.  Having full control he can turn up to hear more private conversations as well as turn it down or off if he wishes to ignore someone.


The second injury  is that of his right  hand.  From the wrist forward is artificial.  The metal hand is encased in carbon fiber to protect the delicate wiring and gears within.  Normally he wears a glove over the hand so as to not draw attention to it.  Burn scars run up along the outside of his arm as well.  Whatever caused the wounds to his body he keeps close to his chest.


Trusty dagger

Lucky dice


Speeder bike (Condenses into a small cube upon command for easy use.)

Wrist computer

Blaster pistols

My Secrets Are...

Buried in a box on some remote planet. Feel free to look for it.

I Believe...

It's a pirate life for me