Rosaura Emelot


Who Am I...

Rosaura, mage and advisor

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My Story Is...

Rosaura emelot mother is a great mage that had the gifts of the sun and the magic power that is so powerful that most people came to seek it and still are coming to seek it. Rosaura’s mother is wise, sharply intelligent and when it comes to family very caring and protective. Rosaura’s mother emme is not died however on rosaura 16th birthday, emme left her mage life behind as whiles as her family and joins the council of the sun. Before she left emme gave her daughter the inheritance that she was inclined to get, rosaura inheritance the mark of the sun in which her mothers power now flowed through her. Little bit like his wife, Vernon was a mage as he was an advisor for many Kings in the place that he and his family lived. Vernon was not the emotional type but he had a soft spot for his daughter as any father would have. He raised rosaura for the most part as he taught her the many ways of the court and royal statues. In rosauras eyes, her father was her hero, teacher, and everything good in her childhood world. Little like his wife Vernon didn’t die but about two years after emme left, rosaura left too but in secret. Before he left he wanted his daughter to flourish so he gave her a gift like emme did when she left. It was the magic mark of her father symbol, the wildflower. This gave rosaura beauty that she already had but it slowed way down her aging process and it enhanced her already powerful gift of magic. Rosaura woke to the house empty and from that moment rosaura life changed. Rosaura would go one to become an independent woman, which she proved in court as she had also took her father’s position as advisor and mage. 

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