Who Am I...

Native to Hellifyno

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I’m a mercenary. Not to be confused with a thief or hustler. I’m not a cold blooded killer unless there is a damn good reason someone needs killing. Loyalty is everything to me. Cross me, and you don’t want me as your enemy. I hold a grudge. I’m tough as nails when I need to be. I can take a beating. I always bounce back.

My Appearance

5’6” with curvy hips and a bust I usually keep hidden beneath my re-inforced leather armor. I am toned throughout the legs, abdomen and arms. Sharp angular facial features with steal grey eyes and manicured arched eyebrows. I have an intense stare that cuts through to most people. Full lips and long waist length white hair that often holds a few single braids at the temples.

When I speak, all my H’s are silent as if I cannot get my tongue around pronouncing them.


Beretta / Throwing knives/ Thumb knives

My Secrets Are...

Aint no ones business but mine.

I Believe...

I may only live to see today.